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Health Point credit system / 生命值(HP)儲分制

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生命值儲分制/Health Point credit system:

例如會網上表現、表格、統計問卷和答考題時的正確度 ,去釐定其起步值。


HP would be assigned to [Forum Intern] when their application was approved and waiting for body check report.
By default, male’s initial point is HP40 (Grade C-), while female is HP50 (Grade C).  
Both of male and female, their initial HP value will decided according to their performance,
for example, performance in Forum,accuracy of application form, questionnaire and exam paper.  
Please contact Chairman if you do not have HP value after promoted to be [Junior Participant].


HP will be increased or deducted if he / she were appreciated by someone, or broken club rules in forum or during activities.

  All level / grade of participant or member have their own HP value, except Administrator, Board Master, VIP and Forum Intern.

  You will be suspended to attend activities for 3 month or longer if your HP was deducted down to below 29 points,
HP will be reset to 4 after you back from suspension.
  You will be suspended over 6 months or longer if your HP dropped below 29 points again.
  if you committed serious violation, and you will be suspended to attend any activities of S&B .

Violation:  Please report to Chairman (i.e. Chris) as soon as possible
if you know anything happened in anywhere that related to people and incident of the club.
The reporter’s name would be kept confidential,
and the case will be conciliated or managed accordingly after comprehension.


Here please see the details to increase your HP value:
Point incensement items:

1. Forum Internwho properly submitted application form, questionnaire, exam paper and forum registration without mistake, HP 2 points will be added.

2.在[第一次]主題自動加 HP2 。
2. Newpost established under [My First Time], HP 2 points will be added automatically.

3.新男參加者獲電話批核 或 女參加者由面試後三十天內成功出席活動,並完整完成出帖[第一次]
3.Newbie had attended activities within 30 days after he / she submitted application form
(according to the date of your naked photo provided), and submitted completed version of his / her first time report.
HP2 will be added.  Please contact Chairman to update your HP due to this is not auto-system.

4. Build-up your own chat room in [Let’s Chat], will add HP3 points automatically.
5.在[自拍區]、[動後感]、[第一次], 可每帖被每人加一次優點(在帖的右下角[Report]掣內按下)
或會內行為良好(由會長決定)均可獲加優點,累計三次可獲加HP1 。
5. Posts under [Self Portrait ], [Activity reports] and [My First Time], each person can give “merit”
(You may find the“merit” option by clicking the button called [Report] that is located at right lower concern of the post) to a post.
Members that show good behaviors can earn "merit" from the chairman as well.
Three merits equal to 1 HP.

Female,or Male’s HP over 50, who may advice Chairman to add HP 1 or 4 points to specific participant by clicking  the [Report] button at the right lower corner of the participant’s post.

  a. About how to add HP1 to othersFemale, or Male’s HP over 50, who may report to add HP 1 point to the participant ‘s HP  (i.e. Junior Participant),
     for appreciating their good behavior in activities or Forum. Everyone can add this "1 point" to every single participant for once only.

  b. About how to add HP4 to othersIf you think specific participant deserve to receive recognition after well understanding to each other,
    you may add point to him / her by using the system as mentioned above.  Everyone can add this “4 point” to every single participant for once only.

   c. Do not request others to add point or heat-up under any situation, otherwise you will receive warning or HP4 will be deducted.

7.對會有貢獻:例如提議活動主題(能成行的)並協助運作、提供場地、贊助物資......等,可獲加HP 2 - 4,如只是提議主題,並出席,則加HP1。
7.Contribution for the club: e.g. suggest activities theme and can help to make it happened, provide assistant of operation, provide places for activities,sponsor material…..etc.,
HP 2 – 4 will be added,HP1 would be added for suggest activities theme and join it

8.參加比賽類活動獲勝,獲加 HP1- 4,任何因活動比賽而獲加分的參加者,均需要於一週(七日)內發表該次動後感才獲加分。
8.Winner of competition in activities, HP 1 – 4 points will be added.

9.在活動外遇上S & B會內參加者,除沒有相認對方外,並率先即時向會長匯報其正確會內名稱者,經證實,可獲加HP 1每人只可以從同一人身上獲得一次加這個分數
9. Meet other participants outside of activities and did not recognize to each others,HP 1 will be added to the first person who report another person’s login name to Chairman.
Everyone can get this “1 point” from every single participant for once only.

Points will be added by auto-system in event 3 and 4 only.  Participants require to checking your HP value had been update or not if it is added by other events, please contact Chairman to revise if point did not updated.  
Moreover, to avoid unnecessary trouble, you must keep your identity as confidential for adding points to others or reporting any incidents.

HP值和A - D分級制掛鈎,如下
HP valueis linked to Guide A-D as below:

A+ = 250 or above
A   = 200
A-  = 175 - 199
B+ = 150 - 174
B   = 125 - 150 (開始有參加者固定優惠)
(special offer will be provided to participants from this level)

B-  = 100 - 124
C+ = 75 – 99
C   = 50 - 74

C-  = 30–49
D+ = 10 - 29
D   =   0 - 9

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