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Julio: My First Time

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Reister NOW!! 馬上註冊,了解更多活動內容,享用更多功能,讓你輕鬆玩轉S&B。

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Finally mychance to write my “first time” and proud to have joined this amazing and wellorganised club. The night before was packed with nerves and slept really badwith only a few hours of sleep. When D day had finally arrived, I waited by myphone in anticipation of the SMS location confirmation. On arrival, I calledJames, eager to finally commence my new S&B experience.
Jameskindly came down to pick me up. After a quick chat and few checks, we hadarrived and my blindfold experience had started. I must have heard a dozenvoices and after a warm introduction and big hello from everyone present, ArSam was nominated my mentor and swiftly held my hand to be seated. After abrief introduction, Ar Sam ushered me to the bathroom where we both undressedand she gently bathed me with her soft touch. We chatted away as she eased awaymy nerves.
Having beenled back to the main area now fully dressed, Ar Sam was ever so sweet andgentle as my mentor, supplying me with drinks and spoke further. At this point,another brother Kurt introduced himself and spoke briefly about the club. KT (Ithink) attentively fed me grapes at this point which turned me on ever more!!
Theblindfold experience appeared to be a lifetime as I was desperate to seeeveryone’s faces. After another short period, James finally led us into abedroom for a quick body check. Ar Sam - unfortunately I was still quitenervous and unused to being blindfolded so was not able to be so direct as youwanted. At this point, blindfolds off and I realised how beautiful Ar Sam wasand regretted deeply as the moment had passed! Sorry Ar Sam, was not the idealstart but lets hope we can make up for next time?
Back in themain room, finally met all the new brothers and sisters (in sight)! Everyonewas friendly and welcoming to the group! Thanks to everyone including:
Phoebe –loved our time together and was fun giggling and playing with you in bed! Youeased me into this new experience so much and you are great, I’m just reallysorry for letting you down. Sorry was nerves and definitely blame the dom dom!Hopefully my personal ones next time will give me a chance to redeem myself!
KT – thanksfor the grapes (was that you?), the chats and making me so at home!
Tommy –great for team spirit and always up for a joke! Made me settled in and kept mecompanied by the bed when I was alone lol!
Ar Sai –another newcomer! Always nice to have someone in the same shoes. You was greatto have as a sidekick and easy to get along with! So lucky to have Christina asyour mentor and then witnessed the most passionate goodbye kiss with Meerkat!
Meerkat –you have an amazing body and looks! Fell for you the moment I saw you. Lovedevery second touching and chatting to you. Thanks for making my fist experienceso memorable and worthwhile. You give the most amazing BJ and cannot wait toplay again. Next time when you are not “so full” and I’m not so nervous,hopefully can return the favours properly. Ps. Loved the cuddles and hugs too!Xxx
Kurt –thanks for welcoming me into this big family! You are really friendly and inparticularly to us rookies! Also saw your great performance with Phoebe on thesofa! Great play!
Bruce – yougave me so much advice and I have a lot to learn from you! Enjoyed theconversations with you! Looking forward to seeing you again!
荳荳 – you have such a sexy figure and wonderful assets! Was lucky enough totaste (thanks James for arranging) your milk (yes it was really sweet anddelicious) but hopefully we have the chance to play next time?
Live –another rookie, hope you enjoyed your first experience like me and hopefullyopportunity to get to know each other better next time.
Yip Fung(Sie Heng I called) – you felt like a bigger brother to me and was always kindand helpful with your words! Respect and saw your domination on the master bed!
Christina& Barbie – sorry was too shy to talk to you two. Hopefully I find thecourage for next time and get to chat more!
Rainbow –thanks for my mini bondage experience! Lol
Mario/Spiderman/Dik/Torfee/Paneraiand others I have missed out – cheers for making me feel welcomed. Lookingforward to seeing you all again soon and hopefully will get to speak more!
Ar Sam –again, sorry! Tried to make amends afterwards but was too late! A goodbye kisswas nice but lets hope you have time for play next time x
James &Chris – Thanks so much for organising and inviting to this event! I nowunderstand exactly how unique and amazing this club is. You guys really put inso much effort and hard work making a difference to our lives! Thank you andhopefully have more great adventures to share!

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Sorry copy and pasted from Word and some of the words are not spaced out oops!
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Hi Julio, Bruce welcome you again~ I think as a newbie, you did not looked nervous at all! That was good as you can get to enjoy this family at your very first try~
Hope to see you again soon so that we can continue with our chatting session~
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Great recap of your 1st encounters @ S&B.  Envy!!
Post time 5-4-2015 09:37:38 | Show all posts
Hi! Welcome Julio.....I am Jojo ar
Hope you enjoy your first time
Come more often and you will not be shy
Umm....may be you can team with your brother
Haha....is that your fantasy....
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Haha, your performance was excellent
and I am pretty sure the downside was solely due to nervous at the beginning.
Glad to hear you did have a good time and hopefully this was a memorable first time experience
Welcome and awaiting to see you in the upcoming parties!
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welcome Julio!I can see that you will become a great participant in the future!
Post time 5-4-2015 13:28:13 | Show all posts
Good to hear you enjoyed your first time man!
Sounds like you had an eventful first time.
See u at a party in the near future!
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Hey welcome! Hope to meet u soon. Cheers!
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Welcome Julio ~~ thanks for your sharing and happy to know that you had a great time~
Hope to see you soon ~
Post time 5-4-2015 14:10:48 | Show all posts
Welcome Julio~  ( Actually I was confused that night whether your name is Julian or Julio lol~)
Glad you enjoy your first time here~
You didn't seem to be nervous at all during our small chat at the side room lar!
Anyway, relax and hope you enjoy the most of it next time ~
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welcome Julio , seems ur enjoy in yr first night ^^
support :)
Post time 6-4-2015 14:30:32 | Show all posts
welcome aboard~! nerves is simply the path to relax, you will get there soon :) cheers~!
 Author| Post time 6-4-2015 18:06:57 | Show all posts
Ar sam replied at 5-4-2015 08:09
I am not a good mentor
So glad to know that u got much experience in your frist time alr ...

You was a great mentor just blame myself and not being more direct whilst I was blindfolded! I hope we have more time to have a deeper chat too :-)
haha my "preparation" with my footie boots are required everytime as thats my best reason for leaving the house for many hours!! you will probably see those again
 Author| Post time 6-4-2015 18:08:42 | Show all posts
Bruce replied at 5-4-2015 08:24
Hi Julio, Bruce welcome you again~ I think as a newbie, you did not looked nervous at all! That  ...

Thanks for the kind words Bruce! More people like you around definitely made me feel very much at home! Yes hopefully see you again soon and continue our chats!
 Author| Post time 6-4-2015 18:09:37 | Show all posts
clarence replied at 5-4-2015 09:38
Great recap of your 1st encounters @ S&B.  Envy!!

Thanks Clarence! nothing to envy and sure it'll be your turn very soon!
 Author| Post time 6-4-2015 18:14:37 | Show all posts
早早 replied at 5-4-2015 09:40
Hi! Welcome Julio.....I am Jojo ar
Hope you enjoy your first time
Come more often and you w ...

Thanks JoJo
Yes enjoyed first time very much although have a feeling things will only get even better
Teaming with my brother? I have far too many fantasies but unsure whether this is on the top of my priority list.....is it yours?
 Author| Post time 6-4-2015 18:16:42 | Show all posts
meerkat replied at 5-4-2015 11:43
Haha, your performance was excellent
and I am pretty sure the downside was solely due to ne ...

as I told you on the night, you made my evening! cannot wait to have another great experience with you
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Kurt replied at 5-4-2015 11:52
welcome Julio!I can see that you will become a great participant in the future!

Thanks Kurt for the vote of confidence! see you around mate!
 Author| Post time 6-4-2015 18:18:50 | Show all posts
NaKata replied at 5-4-2015 13:31
Good to hear you enjoyed your first time man!
Sounds like you had an eventful first time.
See u at a ...

Cheers Nakata, I'm sure I will see you around sometime soon!
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