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Q:DOs and DON'Ts in Group Sex

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- Talk during the act: try communicating through gestures and nonverbal expression, e.g. eye contact. You should avoid chatting,
discussing or making fun especially when someone is underway beside you.

- Attempt to join any ongoing group unless being instructed by the staff. If the staff is not present,
you should cautiously ask for the permission of the guy(s) in the group (as usually men's performances are prone to be affected by the interruption,
and ladies might not be comfortable to reject others directly), and let that guy find out the willingness of the others in the group.
Those who are rejected should not dissent the decision, repeat the request or even force in.

- Give way: during the act, there is no seniority or priorities.
Whoever is ready and already erected can move on to further action. Even if someone is performing cunnilingus on the lady,
you may pat his shoulder and ask him to give way. Nonetheless, you should pay attention to whether the lady has got wet enough.

- Use the same condom to penetrate into two or more different areas: that includes penetrations by fingers wrapped in condoms.
If there is more than one lady in the scene, you should use a new condom when you are going to tease another lady.

- Quit en masse after the act: at least one guy should stay behind to clean up the site, take care of the ladies,
like accompanying to leave the bed and to shower, or providing drinks.

- Observe too closely: group sex participants do not necessarily like to be spectated. Non-participants should keep a distance of at least six feet away from the bed in a hidden place,
e.g. sitting and observing quietly on the floor. The participants can gently ask the observers to leave if they feel uneasy.


- Pay attention to the temperature: group sex is rarely engaged under the quilt, and the men should take care of the body temperature of the ladies particularly.
That is to prevent them from catching a cold. Participants should warm their hands (e.g. by holding heating pads or washing in hot waters) before fondling their partners.

- Make sure the lady is wet enough before penetrating: it is recommended to use water-based lubricants (the lubricants provided in S&B parties are all water-based) in foreplay and fondling.

- Be aware of the situation: if you find yourself unable to perform or move into an appropriate position,
please do not force in or impede others. Unless the people in main actions are newbies and you are staying to look after as the experienced participant,
or else you may leave and hand over the scene to others. Your liberality would be much appreciated.

- Be imaginative: you can apply different techniques with hands, fingers, tongue, or even tools (though you should be careful and be aware if the targeted person can accept these),
e.g. vibrators, ice, warm water, to stimulate your partner(s) in various levels.

- Be aware of the duration of the foreplay: it should not be too short or too long unless you are only horsing around.
You should consider whether to advance or retreat after the first ten minutes. If you are going to disband, explain the situation to the lady instead of quitting en masse.

- Give appropriate instructions: participants may lead their partners by hands or words to satisfy their own needs. Yet,
you should avoid ordering or speaking in a tone of command, unless you are playing the game of master and slave.

- Place a towel underneath: put a piece of clean towel or absorbent material around the lady's bottom to absorb the body fluids.

- Use a wet wipe: men or women who are not used to group sex may use a wet wipe to clean the partner's body parts that have been kissed by others.
However, please be cautious that the wet wipe may be too cold for your partner.

- Be aware of the intensity of the touches: as it is a collaboration of multi-partners, if someone is caressing more vigorously (but not violently),
while another person is fondling lightly, the lighter touch may become tickling virtually and be ignored. Certainly,
one should notice that different areas can bear different levels of stimulation; for instance, you can be harder on the limbs than the pussy.
In short, one should be versatile.

Regarding the attitude in group sex, participants should aim at satisfying their partners beside satisfying their own needs.

If you have other suggestions on the dos and don'ts of group sex etiquettes, please feel free to propose and advise.

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