Swing and Bang Club 【 S & B 】 - Safe Sex Club .....[我們都是友善、不甘於生活平凡,敢於面對自己所需的人]


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Author: Chris
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原帖由 Luna 於 29-3-2013 21:42 發表
睇咗,幾好笑:icon36 但略嫌太短唔夠喉:(

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原帖由 Shooter 於 2-4-2013 19:23 發表

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原帖由 BoBo 於 16-5-2013 13:48 發表
會令人一路睇一路笑一路可以知道更加多關於S&B ge野 ...

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剛剛聽完會長的訪問。覺得snb 是一個十分開心,安全和enjoy sex 的大家庭。好想快D有幸跟Chris 學野。
Post time 7-3-2014 02:33:36 | Show all posts
Longhours 發表於 7-3-2014 00:45
剛剛聽完會長的訪問。覺得snb 是一個十分開心,安全和enjoy sex 的大家庭。好想快D有幸跟Chris 學野。 ...

希望在活動見到你 ar ^^  
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Rainbow 發表於 7-3-2014 02:36
希望在活動見到你 ar ^^

Me Too!! 我都好希望可以同rainbow 師姐交流下
Post time 11-3-2014 00:19:56 | Show all posts
Longhours 發表於 7-3-2014 08:16
Me Too!! 我都好希望可以同rainbow 師姐交流下

期待有機會,在活動見到你ar ^^

補充內容 (11-3-2014 00:24):
唔好叫我師姐啦,我都好新ka 乍 ^^
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好呀~ rainbow
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Post time 30-11-2015 23:40:20 | Show all posts
I should really learn Cantonese if I decide to stay here long...
Post time 30-11-2015 23:44:14 | Show all posts
I hope I could blend in here if everything actually works out.
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Post time 25-9-2016 00:13:49 | Show all posts
多謝會長,全部訪問都好精彩。雖然聽到手機都無哂電,但係個人就好似charge足電咁,high 爆!
Post time 14-1-2017 16:24:39 | Show all posts
好聽!進一步了解 sex party and 會規!
Post time 15-12-2020 17:42:03 | Show all posts
Just watched this. Really impressed by the way the club adopts a "nothing to hide" approach to show that people should not feel shame or be embarrassed by our own personal needs - there are like minded people out there. To me, after watching this I understand that whilst the road to being a participant is long and challenging, it is clear what the criterion are and how to aspire to.  

At first I was annoyed by the hosts' more conservative mindset (e.g. thinking it is bad/naughty if you don't involve/tell your partner) but having a strong response from Chairman Chris inspires confidence. To me starting the S&B road alone is a personal choice, I will try my best to protect the people around me and serving everyone's best interest (including my own) in pursuing this.

I also really appreciate how Chairman Chris was able to reject unacceptable/rude questions and emphasised on safety and members' privacy at all times. Thanks for sharing this!
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