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2021 <S&B Morse Park> (ChatRoom for everyone)

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Reister NOW!! 馬上註冊,了解更多活動內容,享用更多功能,讓你輕鬆玩轉S&B。

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

摩士公園(英文:Morse Park面積約15.8公頃,雄踞黃大仙區南面,1967年10月建成。公園由香港賽馬會捐錢起,使用匯豐銀行主席兼總司理摩士爵士的名字命名。

Morse Park (Chinese: 摩士公園), occupying 15.8 hectares (39 acres), is an urban park located in Wong Tai Sin in Kowloon.
It was completed in 1967.[1] The park was named after Sir Arthur Morse (25 April 1892 – 13  May 1967),
the head of The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation during and after World War II.
City streets divide the park into four sections formally called Morse Park No. 1, Morse Park No. 2, and so on.

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James replied at 5-5-2021 00:04
「條條大路通羅馬,只要永不放棄,始終會找到一片天嘅。」我會集低你呢句,終有一日會用番響你度…。:3eb ...



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Nina replied at 6-10-2021 17:18

James 一定唔會留啦,唔係佢責任。
太陽B 問起簡單 綁手的方法。
我當時在跟 太陽B 分享綁繩,Onon 又join 一齊玩。
我見Onon 好有興趣教 太陽B ,所以就讓佢玩。
所以問下啫,如果佢冇keep 就算啦。我自己的責任。你明啦!
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SunnyB replied at 28-9-2021 16:34
Welcome again
Yea we can fight in bed for sure lol

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guy佳 replied at 18-9-2021 20:59
HELL YES. finally a question that i know an answer to.Assuming you read chinese, May i direct you  ...

To answer this question -- guy & layton,

Yes, it's through emailing Chris. I got my avatar changed after sending him an email of my avatar photo.
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Nina replied at 15-9-2021 08:55
好sweet呀~~ 一早就收到

我都掛住Jocelyn 的

希望你收到,可以有個good morning
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Nina replied at 26-8-2021 22:28
無奶好啊,唔怕肚痾! 揾到呀~

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Belle replied at 25-7-2021 03:20
嗚 呀呀呀 nini 我見到shadow個名呀




期望 奧雲仔啦! 唔錯架~

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Moscow replied at 14-7-2021 04:47
Hi Owen,

Thanks so much for the feedback and advice back at the newbie forum as well!!

Hi Moscow, Jaime here.
It's from the Body by Science book that Owen mentioned in his earlier post. It's intended for heavy weights using a machine and large muscle groups, but I guess you could extend it to others. I think the best term to search is "time under tension". Don't confuse it with callisthenics which is doing as many reps as possible in a set period of time and is for cardio as much as strength.

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Jaime replied at 3-6-2021 22:31
Well its definitely blocked in Korea, Singapore,, although I expect you can access with a vpn.:07b ...

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阿草 replied at 3-6-2021 10:40
Wow Owen that opens my eyes
thanks for your detailed sharing on your 1st-handed experience on tant ...

It's time for another Tantra massage write up. I apologize for the long comment. If it bothers anyone, please just tell me and I will keep comments much shorter in the future. Here's a summary and my thoughts:

+ Skip to the 2nd to last paragraph for the more "interesting" part of the massage
+ My favorite part of the massage was using my thumbs and forefingers to massage each side of her Inner Labia. I hadn't really thought of this technique before
+ I think the vagina has many sensisitve parts to it, not only the clitoris, and these parts are as much or more important for orgasming than penetration. I think spending dedicated time to learn how to massage all these parts is important.
+ I think the duration of the masasge (btwn 1 - 3 hours) is important. I think for a lot of women, to achieve more intense orgasms, it takes time to build the intensity. Even 30 min, which is typically "long" for heterosexual sex, is kind of a very short amount of time to build this intensity
+ I really liked that the massage wasn't "linear". Usually sex is linear, i.e. you start kissing, then foreplay, and then penetration (if a man is involved). It moves in 1 direction. But this massage was more cyclical. It also builds in intensity, but after some sexual touching, it goes back to a "normal" massage. Then some sexual touches, then back to normal. I think this cyclical approach builds the intimacy and intensity of each cycle
+ I was talking to a lesbian friend about this massage who told me, "it sounds like you're learning how to have lesbian sex", which is funny but has some truth to it
+ I think I've learned a massage structure and some techniques, I'm excited to practice and add my own ideas

Here are the details:

I had my first tantra massage lesson recently. In terms of logistics, the instructor came to my apartment and brought her teaching assistant. Everyone took a shower (separately). Then I put a towel on my bed to avoid getting massage oil on my bedsheets. The lesson cost 4000 HKD and the duration of the lesson was 2.5 hours.

The instructor wore her clothes as normal. The teaching assistant took off all her clothes. Instead of asking me to take off my clothes, the instructor just pulled down my boxers from behind me while I was setting things up, so I guess we're friends now .

There are many steps to the massage and the instructor hasn't written them down for me yet so it's quite difficult to remember all of them but I will try to describe an overview.

The massage started off standing, both me and the teaching assistant. The teaching assistant has her hands naturally by her side. I start by very lightly touching the outside of her hands and then moving my hands up her arms and across her back towards the center, then to the upper back of the neck, and coming down from the back of the neck to the ears and down the front of the neck to the chest. This movement is super light, just the inside tips of the fingers touching. Then my hands move around the front of her chest, only lightly touching the oustide of her breasts (no nipples as the sensitivity should be built up very slow). Then the hands move over the stomach but in a kind of semi-circle motion, and then around her hips and between her legs and down her legs to the feet. Then there are some points I press on the feet which are supposed to help increase her energy levels (I didn't really understand this about the feet). Then hands move back up the legs, the butt, and around the back, then in a straight line move up the spine to the head. You can reapeat this whole process until the person is relaxed enoughh. So that's the first part.

The second part, the teaching assistant lies on her stomach. I put on some boxers and massage her head and upper shoulders/neck; there are 3 parts to the head/neck/shoulder massage. This is also where the body oil starts. The rest of the massage uses a lot of body oil. Then the massage moves down to her upper back, in particular her shoulder blades. Then it moves down to her mid and lower back, where I start to massage with my elbow as well as my hand. Then I put one hand on her vagina while the elbow of the other massages her back and very lightly "brush" her vagina, the touch is super, super light. Then it moves to her butt, massaging her butt muscle with my elbow (this all has to be done on both sides). Then massaging the back of her legs, this step also has 3 parts. ---> here is the first part it gets really sexual. I sit behind her and cross my legs, with her legs spread on either side of me and . Then I place my hands with palms up under her lower abdomin (this position is too complicated to explain, I would need to show it) and use my thumbs to massage outside her Outer Labia (outside her vulva/vagina). Then I wash the massage oil off my hands and move my thumb up the outside of her vulva very lightly. Then massage inside the Outer Labia. At this point, the teaching assistant is giving me feedback in terms of pressure, i.e. harder or softer. I think the preference here is unique for every woman so it's important to ask.

The third part part of the massage is the main one. Here the assistant lies on her back, I sit behind her head, and she rests her head on my chest. Then there is a 3 part massage on her chest, no nipples, just aread the breasts. Then I move down to her feet and give a 3 part massage from her feet to her knees. Here is where the real sexual part starts.

I start by massaging the "V line" on the inside of her thighs from the bottom around the butt check to the top around her waste (a bit hard to describe with words). Then again the outer labia, then the inner labia. This is my favorite part of the massage: I held each side of her inner labia btwn my thumb and forefinger and then moved my thumbs in small circles to gently massage her inner labia. The teaching assistant started to have a strong reaction so I think it must be very pleasurable. Then I used my thumb to go up and down on her clitoris very lightly and then applying more pressure and speed. One thing I found interesting was that it seemed to make a difference whether the movement with the thumb was perfectly straight or not, it seemed better when the motion was prefectly straight. Then I did like handwaiving, with each finger touching the clit, first with bigger spaces between my fingers and then closing the spaces. Then faster and more concentrated. Then I inserted 2 fingers and massaged her G spot and then the massage was (fianlly) done!

Needless to say, I need to practice this a lot more to remember the whole thing and also because the moveements are quite nuanced. Some small differences in motion and pressure seem to make a big difference to the receiver. So that was my first lesson.

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Jaime replied at 9-9-2021 22:37
Hey Moscow, sorry for the late reply. See you have quite a number of posts here now - keep going!

Hey Jaime!
So good to hear from you. I hope that everything is going well with you and best of luck. I read a couple of your last replies just before. I trust that everything will work out.

Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, i'm learning from you guys and trying to dip my toes more and get to know more people and add value before I apply :)

The happiness dip.. I definitely have to read about that because i've never heard about it. It's fascinating to study these things because it will happen to all of us at one period. I once remember Tony Robbins talk about something like pregnancy -- to people it's usually something very new, but it's actually very similar to others experiences and something that could be predicted. Something that's new or original that happens to us, is sometimes just a very natural part of the process that we all experience. I definitely believe that invariance can exist in a lot of cases and it's something worth studying just to know about it and be prepared for it. But it is a more controversial topic because looking at how everything lines up now, it's hard to say that external factors don't affect the decision making and mental health of people. I seem to see a lot more negativity, self-harm as well as confusion these days. I don't know if the data is skewed but even personally, when I look at instagram, post or get commented on, I almost feel like there's eyes attached to me. It's a weird feeling, but I can't imagine how much stronger it is for the younger generation these days that grow up with such a strong focus on connectivity with people in the social network space. But I wonder if those external factors collide with some of the more invariable moments in life like the happiness dip or other developmental patterns in humans. It might just be a heightened experience in the short term. You seem really into psychology and well-versed in it!! It's great to learn these things from you!

I agree with the thought about jack ma! Lots of business were aided by China's decision to basically close the gates and disallow foreign technology and interests to interfere with the country. One thing that's really interesting about China is their adaptation to Technology actually - like alipay and using digital wallets, tap and so on is not something that's used in the West as much (There's Venmo and so on, but it's not the same). So i'm not sure if Jack did something about that or if Chinese people are just adaptable to change, so can't comment on that haha. And yea! Elon Musk has so many followers these days, he's got a strong PR and marketing team, making him seem like a guru. I think that's one of his strongest points, that he's able to utilise marketing and then his status so well to become a strong voice. As well as his ability to actually create some change in the world of course.

And again man, hope that everything is well and gets better.

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Nina replied at 28-9-2021 18:02
其實話題都好現實、不論咩年紀都面對緊⋯ 好多野都係「心病還雖心藥醫」,呢樣先係最難⋯因為只可以靠自 ...

Hi Nina!

Going to respond to this in english because it's a little hard for me to respond in chinese -- hope that's ok...

I completely agree, the show is actually quite amazing because when I originally watched it, I was expecting it to be more for the 滿滿養眼畫面 and just a fun show about some kid that tries to run a sex therapy clinic. But as I started watching it, it turned into so much more in terms of what people are dealing with and the struggles that they were dealing with. I personally didn't go through such struggles, so the perspective was fresh and it honestly helped me understand more about different sexualities, and especially the problems that they have to deal with. In a school setting too, which is usually much more judgemental and at a phase where people care so much more about others (at least when i was in highschool).

It's sad to admit, but there's so many incidents for females that are like the bus scene. And theres a lot of sick people out there that thinks it's just exciting or some type of game for them, but end up giving others trauma that would take a long time to resolve. Even unsolicitated pics, cat calling or just any type of unwanted advancements are things that females have to deal with on a frequent basis. The TV show sheds light onto these issues because it's definitely not something guys think about. I noticed for me that it took reading, research and listening to others experience to understand more about how much shu shu girls have to deal with on a daily basis that guys don't have to deal with at all. There's definitely been more content about these experiences and how lots of guys should take the personal responsibility to just be a human being and to stop others from doing these things when I can. But there isn't much apart from guys having to do their part and taking responsibility/accountability for these actions.

The other scene that stood out to me was the abortion scene actually - where there were protests by the pro-life people. It's so tough already for people to make that choice by themselves no matter the age, and the resistance is definitely hard to see and helped me understand more about things people have to go through sometimes.

But yea, it's definitely a much deeper tv series than i thought, which is also one of the reasons I like it. Because it sheds so much light to things that are relevant for this generation. The new perspective and understanding helps in dealing with differnet people and not just seeing them as "different". So yea, it's def a top show that I watch season to season (I don't do that often )
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阿草 replied at 10-6-2021 15:58
wow, woW, wOW, WOW

Thanks for saving me $4k man...haha jk, know you mu ...

Hey man, great questions, so I'm not an expert but I'll answer to the best of my ability.

+ Yeah I actually like your analogy of a spiral better than a cycle, but it seems like it's not always the case that each step applies more pressure/intensity than the last. I think it's okay to kind of "cool down" just because the focus is more on the pleasure of the whole experience.

+ Timing is quite very flexible. You can skip steps or repeat steps. It's a massage so I think repeating steps should be pretty pleasurable although when I received my massage I remember drifting off into a pretty 'sleepy' state and others have told me that's their experience as well. I think the shortest realistically would be 45 min and the longest probably 2.5 hours

+ Yes, so I think in an ideal world you would just be naked the whole time. The reason I put on my boxers is because I had to massage her trapezoids and didn't want my penis dangling in her hair while she's lying face down lol. Just a positioning thing, but it can definitely be done naked, probably better.

+ Yeah, do try it! Would really like to hear some feedback from someone else. I'm amazed honestly that no one uses this technique (myself included until recently), but since I've been doing it, it has 100% positive feedback, seems to be universally liked.

+ Yes, so I skipped a lot of that because it's hard to explain in writing and I don't entirely understand how it works. I think the #1 thing is just mindfulness. Of course mindfulness is always critical during sex, but I think it's really emphasized here because of the focus on sensuality/intimacy. The instructor would often breath very short and fast breathes if she was trying to energize the receiver, she said it 'sends energy into the receiver' but I don't quite understand this point

+ I used grape seed body massage oil and I also got eucalyptus essential oil because I like the smell. I think I need to try some different massage oils just to experience the difference. I also have lavender essential oil... I'll probably try that next time.

+ Yeah the whole massage requires a lot of hand strength, pretty tiring but not so bad.

I really appreciate taking an interest in this! I'm going to continue learning, there's so much to improve and discover. If you have any suggestions as well, please do let me know.

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Jaime replied at 27-7-2021 15:21
Just thought, if you like that TV series, you may be interested in a book "Seasons of a Man's Life ...

Hey Jaime!

That sounds like an interesting book, I just read a ppt presentation that summarised both "seasons of a man" and "seasons of a woman". Crazy that it's published in 1978 when tech wasn't as big, but still quite relevant to now. Really makes me think about how technology and healthcare could affect this model with people getting married later and having children later in life too -- and also how that applies to my life. It also reminds me quite a bit of a video I watched about Jack Ma where he talked about things like how to be successful in your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. The advice is fairly similar to what's written here and i'll post below. Thanks for the share!! This was an interesting read!

And for what Jack Ma said, it's roughly below: Quite literally talks about the "mentor", the age 30 transition & "BOOM" period. The 40's seems like Ma's way of saying what to do in case there's the mid-life crisis. 50's seems like another way to get even greater sense of contribution. Insane to see how similar these can be.

“When you are 20 to 30 years old, you should follow a good boss [and] join a good company to learn how to do things properly,”
“When you are 30 to 40 years old, if you want to do something yourself, just do it. You still can afford to lose, to fail,”
“when you’re 40 to 50 years old, my suggestion is you should do things you are good at.”
“When you are 50 to 60 years old, spend time training and developing young people, the next generation,”
“When you are over 60 years old, you better stay with your grandchildren.”
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rockohunter replied at 4-7-2021 08:40
Even I gym man, I just include calisthenics in my routine to remain flexible and become stronger h ...

Hey rocko, what kind of research did u do on working out? I subscribe to a service called MASS (you can just google them if you aren't familiar already) where they summarize research papers and things. I've found their content to be overall very good. I also read a book called Body by Science by Doug McGuff where the author basically claims working out 12 minutes/week produces max strength gains, anything else has essentially no benefit, and sights some studies to make his case. What's kind of annoying is that the book is presented as scientific and some of the studies are really interesting, and it's not exactly wrong in principle, but it seems to contradict the narrative in MASS and conclusions of studies cited there. The author also claims stretching is dumb and useless, which is quite a "bold" statement given literally everyone else seems to think the opposite lol.
I would definitly take MASS over Body by Science any day, I guess the bottom line is that there seems to be a lot of contradictory information around how to work out, how long, how often, when to rest, etc, etc. I think MASS is the best resource I've found but would love to hear more if you have any. One thing I did like though from Body by Science is that they recommend counting 'time under load' instead of reps, i.e. you do the motion very slow and steady and time the number of seconds under repitition. Rule of thumb is if it's less than 45s, drop weight, if it's more than 90, add. I've found counting seconds instead of reps adds more to the workout.
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Mustard replied at 1-6-2021 22:13

Btw Mustard, so I actually found a Tantra professional in HK who was recommended by a friend. I contacted her to have a 'massage' + lessons so that I can learn to give Tantra massages. Somewhere in time was the first massage!

Some notes in case people are curious:
+ I only scheduled an hour because it was my first time to hire a tantra professional, but I think normally this kind of massage would last around 2 hours. It cost 1200 hkd.
+ I was naked but the woman who gave me the massage never took off her clothes (this was expected); she only used her hands and body oil
+ It felt much more 'sensual' than 'sexual'. There was a big focus on breathing and relaxation
+ I had an erection probably 15% of the time and did not cum (I'm not really sure if I was supposed to or not)
+ I think about 50% of the touching was on/around my groin area and 50% everywhere else
+ Her techniques are very 'intentional' and precise. It's not just how she moves her hands, but she also changes how she breathes depending on her movement. Sometimes wondered what she was trying to do.
+ Afterwards I felt very relaxed, like a deep tissue massage
+ Interestingly, I have a pretty high desire for sex which never seems to go away (except right after I cum) and I didn't feel this desire almost the whole day even though I never came during the massage... not sure why this happened.
+ Body oil is great and I should use it more often

Next steps are to schedule my first lesson where she teaches me what she's doing. She has a teaching assistant who will come to practice on and provide feedback. Will keep everyone updated...

Add post (2-6-2021 02:53):
I think I would add that I didn't quite find it 'magical', but it was very relaxing. Also, there was no sex, I can see how combining this with sex could create this 'ecstasy' you mentioned

Add post (2-6-2021 02:53):
Bottom line - I need to learn more...
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Kingofkowloon replied at 1-5-2021 21:09
一子錯滿盤皆落索:o 改左先知Thanks Nina同James嘅提點


Safe Sex Party本質上就已經給主流社會所唾棄,但別人看不起我們不緊要,自己先要做好自己,尊重自己,


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Owen replied at 19-7-2021 22:57
Yo Jamie, I've been watching this series recently called the Up series. It's this British show whe ...

Just thought, if you like that TV series, you may be interested in a book "Seasons of a Man's Life" by Daniel Levinson. Although it's an old book, it still seems relevant Somewhere in time and many of the themes resonated with me. It's based on a study of 40 men, ten each of manual workers, business executives, novelists and biologists, between the ages 18 and 45.
The author develops a theory that the life journey from adolescence to middle age can be broken into a number of 4-5 year developmental stages with conflicts to be resolved (eg freedom vs commitment) and tasks to be achieved (eg establishing or changing career) in each. Among the surprising conclusions are that real adulthood doesn't start until 26, the sequence and stages are largely the same regardless external circumstances, and however much was accomplished, you start each stage afresh at the bottom of the ladder, although you may have a tougher time if certain conflicts are left unresolved too long.

I just found out he wrote a "seasons of a women's life" too and much more recently, although I haven't read that one yet.  
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Jaime replied at 11-7-2021 14:05
Hi Owen,

I had a friend who did well with Body by Science, but he had been working out for years  ...

Thanks for the more detailed response. I definitely think higher intensity and shorter duration is better than lower intensity and longer duration, not considering periodization. That’s at least been my experience. It’s really interesting the you and your friend noticed a difference (or not). One thing that’s tricky for me is knowing how effective a given method actually is because, at least personally, I’m never just doing one thing, but a mix of sports and lifting. And a lot of times the results are delayed by weeks or I think even months from a given routine. I think what’s been most consistently true for me is that doing low reps of high weight makes me stronger faster (compared to high reps of low weight). It’s not novel, but this is probably the one thing I’ve really noticed. I personally prefer seconds over reps, but I haven’t noticed a substantial difference in effectiveness...

I agree that just showing up will make you stronger. I’m more interested in “optimizing” to get the most out of the training time. I’ll check out Andy Morgan, thanks for the reference.

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Mori replied at 28-3-2021 16:50
每個人嘅光譜都 ...

我記得 阿喬 都寫過一篇動後,係用顏色嚟形容不同的對手呢!然後一邊同你傾偈,屬於你的顏色其實都不斷慢慢浮現。其實你畀我的感覺好豐富呢,絕對唔係單一的一種顏色啊


我好鍾意睇返啲舊電影效果係點拍出嚟,當年知道咗 Space Odyssey 同 Star Ward 入面啲特效係點樣做出嚟,覺得真係真真正正的藝術品啊...

講起呢個話題,又涉及到 nostalgic vs 活在當下了呢,似乎好多人心中都有一直憧憬,最美好的年代...


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阿草 replied at 6-7-2021 15:08
Hey Owen, how is your learning and practice on tantra goes?
I've tried a couple things you mention ...

Bush, my man! Tantra is going well, seems the more I learn the less I know lol. I've started to "create" a massage sort of based on the original massage I learned but incorperating feedback from people and some other techniques I learned elsewhere. What I've found to be really important for the masasge (but also kind of difficult) is connecting each part or phase to the next. If each "section" of the massage is well connected, it's fluid and the feelings built in intensity, but if they're not connected, the feelings of the recipient kind of reset at each phase/section which isn't ideal. I'm also trying to give the massage without "thinking" too much, which I think will improve with practice. Working on it! Will keep you posted with progress and happy to share the full massage descritpion once it's ready.

Yes, the HP doesn't lie haha. Thank you for the congrats! I'm super excited, was so happy to get the call from James. Being accepted is no joke, it's quite an investment but well worth it. See you soon!

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阿草 replied at 10-6-2021 16:08
In my understanding,

Voyeur: watching others' sexual interaction without them noticing

Hey Bush,

Wow 100% is very strong for both then!!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your definitions are definitely in line with what I found from reading. However, for me personally, while perhaps there could be some frisson from viewing surreptitiously, it is not really what I am into. I just think there is something very sexy about a woman who is confident in her appearance and sexuality, knows she has guys in her thrall and plays with that a little. Perhaps it is the fantasy of unattainability.

I would define exhibitionism broadly as 'deliberately attaching the male gaze' (or female gaze) and it could be quite subtle and on a spectrum. With a closetted nun at one end and someone who enjoys having  sex  in front of others at the other. But maybe exhibitionist and voyeur are not the right terms for that?

In any case, its fascinating how we all have very different and often quite specific turn ons, sometimes I wonder where it all comes from.
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DereK replied at 7-8-2021 16:01
這就是為什麼很多人(包括我)無數次欲言又止得個睇字,最後默默地離開。。。 ...




他們一開始也會面對這關卡,經過進步和蛻變,才能有今 日受歡迎的地位。




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Mori replied at 26-3-2021 00:19
我好鐘意睇咗人地既第一次先,感覺好似見到大家入嚟最raw個樣其實其他動後都有睇,感覺你每一篇都有刻意 ...

想睇其他人最 raw 嗰一面所以去睇第一次,聽到都感覺有點赤裸裸了 (當然我唔介意我諗大家寫得出嚟,有人會用心睇都一定係開心嘅)



估唔到你都識 Jessica Rabbit 啊!雖然佢係史上第一套真人同 cartoon 嘅電影,但套戲咁舊!
"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way" 其實都係我哋每一位嘅寫照,大家都係披住(自己想)別人所期望的樣子生活,可以真正搵到、面對自己,唔容易呢!

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Jaime replied at 7-8-2021 23:15
Hey Moscow, thanks for sharing.

I'll have to check out the pdf as I haven't read the female book ...

Thanks Jaime!

I hope the application goes smoothly too :)

Yea, super interesting with the modern follow up study and I'd love to learn more about that too. Especially the differences between the different generations - X, Y & Z. Also great point about the internal maturation v.s. external factors. I do think that external factors affect internal maturation, but perhaps the book argues differently?

I'm definitely interested in learning more about Jack Ma because of what he's built over his years, but he just strikes me as an efficient/driven businessman lol. Watching an interview between him and Elon Musk shows a lot in the difference in their thinking. It was almost like watching 2 opposite opinions. Where Jack Ma seems to have a more traditional approach, Elon Musk seems to have more of a visionary aspect to his life - which makes Elon debatably someone that can change the world more.
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Moscow replied at 10-8-2021 13:53
Thanks Jaime!

I hope the application goes smoothly too :)

Hey Moscow, sorry for the late reply. See you have quite a number of posts here now - keep going!

Yes, it would be interesting to see inter generational differences. Invariance to external factors was one of the more controversial theories of that book and definitely counter intuitive. However there are other instances of invariance, such as the 'happiness dip' between early 20s and mid 40s, which is quite well studied and apparently invariant (on average) to many life events such as having children.

Jack Ma is without doubt a very capable business person, but I also think he was in the right place, at the right time, and aided by certain government policies. He basically took American e-commerce business models and applied them in China. You are right Elon Musk is a contrast. It's hard to separate the myth from reality around Elon Musk these days, but he certainly created a host of innovative businesses from scratch.
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Nina replied at 5-10-2021 15:12
找口音⋯再copy and paste....好聰明!

其實你翻譯得很好! 有些用詞很地道~

哈哈,我用口音找一D地道D嘅字。好像:”嘅,咁,睇(instead of 看),係“ 過啲字,所以讀出來可以好聽D。唔會像小朋友一樣。然後我會用翻譯搵(啱啱搵過“搵”同埋“啱”字)拼音。然後就會嘗試學了,記得拼音同埋掂讀。但是會成日不記得hehe



我喜歡的中文歌手有:Eason (ofc), Jay Chou, Hua Chen Yu, OSN, Joker, Juno, Dear Jane, Shiga Lin, Gem 過D。 EggPlantEgg(茄子蛋)都幾好聽。

"Good Night - Lil Ghost 小鬼“
"Reverse - CORSAK"
"有一種悲傷 - A Lin"
"浮誇 - Eason"


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Mustard replied at 27-5-2021 19:09
I'm that into any book reference...whether than experience it with different mates during sex
I wo ...

I agree about the books, it's kind of like learning to play a sport or create a song by reading a book - it's totally insufficient. That said, I've found books written by very experienced people (and generally based on scientific research) to provide a useful perspective. Often I read something I would not have considered and apply it to friends and receive their feedback. Or I understand more about the "broader context" and not just the physical actions. But still, it's nothing compared to someone *showing* you such an experience.

I haven't had your experience with someone who is a 'master' at tantra. Just reading your comment makes me so eager; it's really increadible you've had this experience! Learning from experiences like this is such a big motivation for me applying to join SnB (if I am lucky enough).

Noted on BDSM.
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Roland replied at 25-8-2021 11:43
Hey Moscow, nice to meet you too.

Don't worry about it, my Chinese ability is elementary at best, ...

Hey Roland,

Hope you're enjoying your time here too!

My chinese is definitely elementary as well, super awkward and I have to google translate so much lol. Reading and trying to type in chinese has defintiely increased my level of understanding, which i'm grateful for cause it's something that I always wanted to improve on, but always had an excuse for
Yea! That's where I got the idea for my username haha. I actually didn't watch all of it (Still at part 1) cause I got more into Sitcoms recently (HIMYM, Superstore, and starting to watch modern family), but it's on my list to finish money heist! I found the scene where the professor gave each person a name based on a country really cool and it stuck in my mind... So when the opportunity presented itself... My head immediately went into that scene lol.

Did you finish money heist or watch any other shows?
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rockohunter replied at 24-8-2021 18:10
Hey Moscow, I'm doing good. How about you?

Yeah, I'm in the final stages as I was really busy dur ...

That's nice to hear! Best wishes for your application!!

I haven't submitted mine yet, because I was looking through the forums and decided to get to know more people before applying :). I think that way people would know more about me before deciding if it's the right fit, and vice versa.

I was reading through your about me and see that you like cooking! I just recently started cooking more because of the pandemic, still learning a ton and my youtube recommendations are a lot of cookng channels now lol. Currently learning how to make more chinese soup and started growing some basil to make pesto recently~
What recipe do you like to cook the most?

I recently found a nice and easy way of making dellicious meals through the rice cooker, and using milk on udon or noodles and allow it to cook to make a creamy texture. Those are both really nice.
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Jaime replied at 25-6-2021 11:17
Haha...actually I think group sex is probably a good reason to join...I mean where else would you  ...

Yeah, so of course if you're a member of SnB, and you want to have group sex... it would make a lot of sense to do it here lol. And I think because novelty seems to be a very constant theme in sexuality/fetishes/sexual attraction, maybe after a lot of 1-on-1 activity in SnB, members tend to develop a stronger interest in group sex at least until it's not novel anymore.

I think for me personally, I've only ever had MMF and FFM (except for kink scenes) so tbh my experience is pretty 'limited' in this area, but I think based on my experience thus far I'd enjoy larger groups. Although I think 1-on-1 will always be my like "go to" if that makes sense. Also, communication and "logistics" are already a little challenging for 3 people, I'd definitly want to have some "experts" around for 4+ lol

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Owen replied at 10-7-2021 01:08
Hey rocko, what kind of research did u do on working out? I subscribe to a service called MASS (yo ...

Hi Owen,

I had a friend who did well with Body by Science, but he had been working out for years and was constantly searching new ideas and techniques. It basically enabled him to cut down time in the gym. I didn't have very good results, but I was pretty new to training when I tried it.

I don't know where you are at, but I think most people will get good results just by training consistently and being strict with their diet. If you can find and afford a good personal trainer that helps too, as they can teach enough that you won't injure yourself and push you harder.  I found a guy Andy Morgan at ripped body website has some really good and practical stuff - a lot of it for free too. It's quite a scientific approach in that he tracks inputs and outputs  and any changes to diet are based on that data.
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memi replied at 3-3-2021 18\"\"


係呀, 插花同被插都想試試~
你呢? 有咩特別fantasy, 覺得人一世物一世要體驗吓咖?

雖然聽落唔少, 不過都係一個月3-4次左右

因為次次都唔知會有每個參加, 會唔會有新嘅邂逅 或者 見唔見到好想遇到嘅某幾位~
仲記得完咗第一次返到去心情久久平復唔到, 攪到成晚失眠添


我記得小伊貝話佢參加之前睇晒所有, 係所有女會員嘅第一次呀
而哩啲得著, 無論你最尾參唔參加S&B
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Owen replied at 2-6-2021 02:05
Yeah, I was pretty surprised about my results actually. Worst case you might learn more about your ...

I just took the test. Not too unexpected on most points, but interesting that voyeur comes out top. That got me thinking, as when I researched it all I found were references to peeping Toms or surreptitiously spying on people, which I am definitely not into!
However, if it means admiring the female form or watching an exhibitionist confidently flaunt, then that is definitely a turn on for me - and I imagine most men. It is what strip tease, porn,  even many scenes in mainstream movies draw upon. I noticed the test has a pair: voyeur-exhibitionist. I guess they complement or require each other, but are not necessarily mutually exclusive? ie one person could be both - but perhaps that is unusual?

Be interested to hear your thoughts on this, as I know you like to dig down into the theory.

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Mori replied at 24-3-2021 23:45
人畜無害呢點我見其他會員都講過你勇猛既 ...

靈感只能幫到個開頭,要完成都係要靠嘔十九幾兩血 我記得你話中意畫畫,我諗都係類似吧?(對我嚟講煮食都係因為我唔中意死死咁跟食譜嚟整嘢食,成日憑感覺....)



btw,你個頭像其實真係令我諗起一套80年代尾的電影 〈Who Framed Roger Rabbit〉(夢城兔福星)入面的女主(配?)角
之後見到你講你個頭像嘅出處,即刻去google 咗一下,原來真係同類嘅電影嚟!不過你頭像嗰個角色有魅力得多了啦

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Owen replied at 8-6-2021 19:23
It's time for another Tantra massage write up. I apologize for the long comment. If it bothers any ...

wow, woW, wOW, WOW

Thanks for saving me $4k man...haha jk, know you must have learnt much more than words could tell...

-instead of cyclical, should it be more like spiral? like dong the same movement, but with a slightly harder strength on the 2nd cycle than the 1st one. or a little more sexual touches on the 2nd cycle?

-what is the time allocation for your 3-part message? would it be 1hr-1hr-half hr?

-so you are totally naked on the 1st part, but wearing a boxer for the other 2 parts?

-will definitely try out the thumbs on outer labia and the 2-fingers on labia techni and get back to you soon;)

-as you mentioned its a tantra massage, is there any breathing or meditation involved?

-any kind of body oil for messaging will do?

-will your hands be super tried after the lesson?

Millions thanks again
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Owen replied at 25-5-2021 19:33
Yeah, so I'm glad to hear your response on the whole "imaging chakras" thing. I read the book Urba ...

I'm that into any book reference...whether than experience it with different mates during sex
I would say...I was taught and learn by others experience
There was a case that a girl shown me how to make tantric sex perfectly.
I had a concept, but when it came to an action...I was melted by her action...step by step
It wasn't anything like "imaging chakras"... it was like ECSTASY
Sense each other each play each skin each breath...slow but emotion
I was like transform and not knowing what sex all about anymore...only if you experience what I mean by that

About BDSM...I read most of material online randomly.
I got some toys to play with girls in this club long time ago.
Girls seem like it a bit, so more often I play bring them to play.

I hope you can find what you are looking for here/out.

Add post (27-5-2021 19:09):
I’m not that into books

Add post (27-5-2021 19:10):
Sorry for many wrong typo
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Daryl replied at 26-6-2021 17:46

Same hereDaryl, I cannot not masturbate for more than 2 days. Work doesn’t allow me totake time off sometimes.  I used towonder if I had some kind of issue with high sex drive and being horny all thetime, then I found out at uni that sex reduces stress hormones such as cortisoland increases Oxytocin:
- Cortisolis your body’s alarm system that controls your mood, motivation and fear.
- Oxytocinpositively affects your emotions such as relaxation and help people chill.
Another twocompounds are released when we get off: Dopamine and Prolactin, they areneurotransmitters that makes you happy and feel pleasurable.
I heard that female on the other hand isvery different, being stressful reduces sex drive. Am I wrong ladies?

Jonathanleo This user has been deleted
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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edmund replied at 26-3-2021 11:16
想睇其他人最 raw 嗰一面所以去睇第一次,聽到都感覺有點赤裸裸了 (當然我唔介意我諗大 ...




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Mori replied at 24-3-2021 00:51
祝願你會同時進化做唔同種類既伊貝~超多屬性咁 ...

Halo Mori, welcome welcome~
咦, 恭喜晒, 有HP踏咗一隻腳入嚟喇喎
仲滿分答啱晒啲題目添, 犀利犀利~~

畫風好似, 但又認唔到係邊個添

以前嘅人對性嘅睇法, 其實某啲位仲開放過現代咖...
佢主要講女性喺古今不同文明, 喺性方面嘅角色同真確面貌
有好多近年嘅研究數據推翻我哋一直誤以為嘅觀點 (e.g. 女性性需求比男性低)
好睇, 豐富又易入口~

另外, 首詩都係對住妳嗰首嚟砌咖咋
唔發覺"出"就對妳"入", "扣"就對妳"解"咩?
抄抄吓再加啲自己想講嘅野就作完, 唔駛睇得太認真~
不過離開學校之後, 有機會, 有人陪, 拋吓書包都幾過癮嘅

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memi replied at 4-3-2021 14:09
係喎,你咁多篇動後感,第一次仲未出爐會長冇追殺你咩希望你快啲出埋啦 我都想睇呀~~

出席完第一次活動之後, 我就拖足一個星期~

可惜仲未有人發明到, 唯有退而求其次試下後面先
我同某啲會員傾好咖喇, 相信好快就會踏出哩一步

我自己就真係除咗第一次之外, 都未試過有活動一個人都唔識~
加上會長每次就算唔喺現場, 都一定係附近咖
有乜事都可以搵到佢幫手, 佢超照顧新人的~
所以我自己就經過3-4次活動已經完全溶入到, 超級自在盡興
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guy佳 replied at 16-9-2021 20:07
just gave "pop squad" a try.
Plot reminds me of "what happened to monday" and "blade runner".
The  ...

ohhh yea, those are good movies. I remember watching blade runner and that was really good. I think the concept of immortality was really interesting in this one. Some of my friends have been talking about health tech these days, and it can be a possibility that we live till much older with the current rate of technology. If there's enough funding, it could be possible that we create tech that essentially lengthens our life by an escape velocity type approach i.e. extending our life for 20 years, and then developing another tech that extends our life for another 20 and etc... Quite exciting stuff, but could also be quite the experience if it were true.
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Virginia replied at 27-5-2021 19:11
有無咁岩呀??笑死!前幾日我又見到佢呀,佢把聲好似你架,由其是戴左口罩遮左半個樣,成日錯覺你係我隔 ...

不過我就無咩機會再見大V二世咁了⋯ >_<

錯覺有無搞到你叫錯名? 想唔想掌摑世上另一位Nina嘅奶奶?

有無泳衣相呀? 你無理由唔曬喎,個太陽猛到呢~ 掛住你嘅泳衣印啊
你本來已經好強啦喎!仲有得更強? 聽到你嘅近況好開心啊!想像到你有幾滿足!!
我都要繼續努力~~~ 希望有機會係路過撞到時唔太失禮!



Add post (30-5-2021 23:30):
其實運動上我發現到有d荀野啊! 不過驚露底⋯不能係呢度分享了⋯
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Owen replied at 21-5-2021 14:15
Yes, I agree with you. I just need to put in more effort and I think it will be worthwhile. Everyo ...

I am sure others can mention more, but Wong Kar Wai's "In the Mood for Love" ([size=14.399999618530273px]花樣年華) is an art house classic and for something lighter "Love off the Cuff" (春嬌救志明), is pretty damn funny , it's part 3 of a series but you don't need to watch the others (part 1 was not very good in my opinion).

A recent film I like is  "One Second Champion ([size=1.7em]一秒拳王), which is not romance, but a slap stick comedy with a Rocky type theme. The premise is brilliant - a guy is gifted with the ability to see 1 second into the future, which he thinks is useless as 1 second is not enough to do anything...until someone introduces him to boxing.

Add post (21-5-2021 16:07):
What films to other forum members like?
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Owen replied at 12-7-2021 23:23
Thanks for the more detailed response. I definitely think higher intensity and shorter duration is ...

Hi all! Moscow here and I'm also new~ Hope that I'll get to mingle and talk to you guys!

And hello Owen! I just replied to the message cause I'm quite interested in your topic about counting through seconds instead of reps. I'm quite confused as to how that works. Does that mean you hold onto the barbell and do slow motions consistently and count seconds instead? That's a pretty interesting concept I've also been working out for a while now (on and off) but I usually just do it as a way to get some exercise in and making sure that I'm at least active. I usually use the 5x5 method but been braching off to other exercises, cause it's hard to get a deadlift platform or squat rack sometimes
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edmund replied at 25-5-2021 11:13
LOL my bad expression.... jaime just elabotated for me on floor3764..i meant.... romance  ...

oh I understood lol, I just thought it's an interesting conversation. I agree, I think there's a lot more manifestations of romance than a beautiful love story (google translates "manifestation" as 表現 do you know if this is correct?)
One thing I've been thinking about recently which is sort of related is about how intimate you can be with a stranger. I talked to 2 friends, one said she can't try new things with a stranger and the other said she prefers strangers (almost exclusively). As with all preferences, it depends on the individual, but I've been thinking more about why people prefer one more than the other, what makes people different in this way.

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Moscow replied at 13-7-2021 16:15
Hi all! Moscow here and I'm also new~ Hope that I'll get to mingle and talk to you guys!

And hel ...

Hi Moscow, welcome to SnB. Yeah, so it's basically like you said, you do the motion with the barbell (or whatever movement) very slowly for as long as you possibly can. It's helpful to have a spotter for e.g. bench because you'll usually need to stop mid-rep. Then rest for 30s and repeat. The intention is to target your fast twitch muscle fibers which only activate after you've used your slow twitch fibers and stress quickly (hence counting the seconds). Slow twitch takes about 90s to recover, so you don't want to rest long enough for your slow twitch to recover. The presumed benefit of this method is that you cut down your time in the gym without sacrificing strength gains.
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Jaime replied at 7-7-2021 21:41
Yay - congratulations to Owen!

From my perspective he bought a lot of value to this forum with b ...

Hey Jaime, thank you for the compliments.

I will do my best to keep improving and sharing my experiences. Actually, one site I came accross recently is Kenneth Play, which is a basically a course for men on having sex with women. I don't really like how it's marketed, but I like a lot of the content (some of the content is just copy/paste but most of it is worthwhile). I bought the "Pro" package for about USD250 and at least for me it's been worth the money.

Best of luck with your application! It really helps to know cantonese as a international member; I think in your case this is a pretty big advantage. I'm going to spend more time learning it myself.
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阿草 replied at 24-3-2021 13:55
Halo Mori, welcome welcome~
咦, 恭喜晒, 有HP踏咗一隻腳入嚟喇喎
仲滿分答啱晒啲題目添, 犀利犀利~~

我想知你點知我滿分答啱 喺邊度有得check哈哈哈哈
我係啲一係唔做一做就一定要做足既人(所以經常拖延症) 答問題個陣係咁check有冇答錯

我個icon係嚟自套叫cool world既90年代動畫電影

本身以前就係聽過其實唐朝性開放程度遠遠高於而家 所以對古代人對性既態度改觀

睇得出你既和應 勁有心機
拋書包好有樂趣阿 為其他人帶嚟自己擁有既知識都算係為個共同體付出

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Mori replied at 25-3-2021 00:01
我想知你點知我滿分答啱 喺邊度有得check哈哈哈哈
我係啲一係唔做一做就一定要做足既人(所以經常拖延症)  ...

High five~!
I'm master in procrastination too!!

哇哇, 我最鍾意睇反派做主角嘅戲 (可能有少少反社會人格)
好似早排netflix有套I care a lot咁, 風評麻麻, 不過我好鍾意~
不過剛剛搵咗搵, 都見唔到有邊度可以睇返cool world添
睇黎要啲緣份, mark咗入to watch list先~

本書係外國人寫, 所以可能冇乜講中國嘅情況~
其實唐代還好, 中國古代嚟講, 應該係南北朝同五代十國啲人最癲
可能唔係大一統帝國嘅年代, 唔會一言堂
冇咁多規舉, 更易鼓勵啲人發揮創意, 百花爭嗚~
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Randolph replied at 21-6-2021 09:30
Yo! Long Time No See

I don't get the meme

lol, yeah long time no see

Oh! Maybe you can help me translate the meme. When you pour someone a drink, you ask them to 'tell you when to stop pouring'. As a shorthand, often people just say, "say when", which means the same thing (i.e. tell me when to stop pouring). When the other person wants you to stop pouring the drink, they just say "when" (it's kind of sarcastic, it just means "stop pouring").

So the reason the meme is funny is because the guy is pouring the woman a drink, and she tells him to stop after half the room is full with wine. It's a joke about people who love to drink wine because it's "classy", but they actually drink a lot. Does that make sense?
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Owen replied at 25-5-2021 19:27
Jaime, do you have thoughts on the above?

Well his movies are often about trying to reconnect with a past love or make good a missed connection. In my opinion it's the yearning for a lost past or imagined ideal which makes it feel romantic. Maybe that's the wider definition of 'romantic' we are looking for? I think we can see this in western culture too - Titanic and Romeo and Juliet didn't have happy endings either!

If you are looking for themes which relate to HK culture, then based on my limited understanding, I think some of the humour in Stephen Chow movies or the mending of family relationships (a subplot in many HK movies, but not Wong Kar Wai's) may be good places to look.

Interesting point you make about intimacy.

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memi replied at 3-3-2021 17:12
係喎~其實我都有玩過論壇架 不過太耐一時間醒唔起炸


嘿喲, 想試嘅就多囉~
因為join咗唔係好耐, 暫時都淨係試過嘅野真係唔多呀

而且S&B係純自願性質, 所以唔會有人push你去做任何野
加上有啲野要試的話, 都想同對方有返咁上下默契先嘅...例如後面...

不過最大嘅感想應該係, 原來同唔同人做同一件事, 感覺可以咁唔一樣~
就算係被摸同一個位, 唔同人摸都可以差好遠的
唔試過真係想像唔到, 好似從新認識自己身體咁

btw 關於womenizer
你可以參考吓 "第一次" 入面有個子版 "第一次的第一次"
入面有篇 "Beckett 之唔似處女嘅處女破處夜" 有提到嘅~
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Hello 各位會友 I am Jazzy

一個重新投入 S&B 這個大家庭的舊會友!
回想第一次接觸 S&B,已經係好多年前既事了……有不少開心的回憶。

我本人對sex,心態上其實也有着很大的轉變,年輕時…總是想着跟每個對象也要搞過三…四…五次,比较着重 量多於質。但慢慢這幾年間,開始更着重於交流和質量!

14 Oct 2021
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Randolph replied at 20-5-2021 08:27
Take a DEEP breath, bro, just lay back and chill! Trust yourselves!I still remembered I've got 1 s ...

Thanks, it's interesting, I got a reply from Chris (he is actually a lot more responsive than I expected given the amount of work required to make a community like this, I thought it would be several weeks to receive a response) who suggested I need to spend more time in the forum discussion. He's right of course, I haven't spent enough time getting to know people. But in terms of the written application, pictures, etc. he didn't comment. I think I will just focus on integrating with the community (maybe learning to recognize some characters!) and when I've done that sufficiently, get some feedback on my application

Post time 6-3-2021 21:22:34 | Show all posts
memi replied at 6-3-2021 20:34
我都係呀, 個腦成日kick住左唔識比反應人 ...1:1 會好少少既 , 一多人就會腦同口跟唔上

我覺得到 ...

喔… 比你搞到我好認真咁諗緊"性格討喜"同"入房"既關係tim

亦如Edmund所講唔洗刻意去做d咩 做返自己就可以...
我會話其實只要識得基本既尊重 就冇需要去擔心...

每個人鍾意既野都唔同 有人鍾意斯文 有人鍾意熱情 有人鍾意直接 有人鍾意曖昧 我地冇可能同時令所有人都鍾意自己個喎 所以與其要成為人地眼中虛構既模樣 不如做返真正既自己 吸引"對"既人做大家愛做既事(?)
唔... 一晚既時間 其實好短 好快就完 好多時想玩既 其實都玩唔完...
呀… 我成日係廳架 應該係 .×."

Add post (6-3-2021 21:26):
呀… 差d漏左 恭喜你有hp呀 .0.b 驗左身未呀 xD?
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Virginia replied at 12-5-2021 18:47
話說,最近識左個女仔同你好似,無論五官、髮型、身高、身型,我第一眼見佢就諗起你,連佢講說話語氣,同 ...


同佢相處好開心舒服呢! 不過我好少機會見到佢⋯同佢一齊時,好似同緊你一齊咁架⋯

我仲有玩嗰個運動呀~ 但我諗我未撞過呢位「另一個我」了~


Add post (13-5-2021 10:45):
我有好多好多嘢想同你分享啊 >_<~
同埋你依然係我嘅段練目標!我成日翻 J你的haha~

Add post (13-5-2021 11:04):
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Roland replied at 26-8-2021 17:37
Oh man, I kinda feel old when you talk about those shows.... I watched them when they first came o ...

yea, it's crazy to see how long those shows have been haha.

I wasn't really a show person before, but during the pandemic I had some time to chose to crack open these old goodies. I remember when they were still airing and how exciting it was for everybody, but didn't get into it then cause it was such a huge time commitment lol. I'm also excited for rick and morty tho! don't know if you watch it, but it's surprisingly good and fresh. If you haven't, highly recommend even though it's a cartoon~

Oh man, I'll get to know later. But I have a rough guess. Hard to imagine a heist tv shows being a happily ever after
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Jaime replied at 18-7-2021 14:37
Hi Moscow, Jaime here.
It's from the Body by Science book that Owen mentioned in his earlier post. ...

Yo Jamie, I've been watching this series recently called the Up series. It's this British show where they selected 14 children to interview in 1960 at the age of 7 and have interviewed them every 7 years since. So the most recent seasons is Up 63 (i.e. everyone is now 63 years old). It has a distinct lack of "action" and drama, but I've found it to be super interesting. Just watching these interviews and how seeing how one's life/thinking develops over 60 years condensed into a 1 hour episode. Thought you might find it interesting as well in case you haven't already seen it.
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阿草 replied at 3-6-2021 10:40
Wow Owen that opens my eyes
thanks for your detailed sharing on your 1st-handed experience on tant ...

Thanks for the feedback, so glad I could provide something useful.

I am still just a total beginner; that was my first time to ever experience it in person, but I will try to learn a lot and share my experience. Even though it was a first experience, it actually helped a lot to connect the ideas in this book I'm reading about Tantra which I didn't find useful before... I'm still not sure how to use the concepts exactly, but I think now I have more helpful context. I'm recruiting some test subjects to practice massages on . So far people seem quite willing

Would be honored to meet in person!
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memi replied at 3-3-2021 18:44
不過可能我會真係 ...


在好多年前知道香港有 sex party 時係我係超猶䂊,然後猶䂊到不了了之咗好多年。到前年決定入會的時候花咗好多時間睇咗會網好多資料,下次決心入會之後就得返心急的心情喇~~



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memi replied at 3-3-2021 15\"\"
回想返 ... 我見你咁多coins 你係咪join左好耐架啦?

其實我都唔係 join 咗好耐㗎咋,大約一年幾吧。


多P、潮吹、role play、BDSM 等等等等都係聽過下,知啲唔知啲咁,係入咗會之後先至慢慢了解多咗(其實都真係好慢),而「普通」性愛的質量都慢慢提升咗好多。

之前都有女會員加入之前從未體驗過高潮的感覺,但我相信 SnB 一定唔會令你失望嘅
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edmund replied at 21-5-2021 16:28
first few movies pops into my mind would be 〈秋天的童話 An Autumn's Tale〉〈花樣年華 In the Mood  ...

I think I've read almost all the activity reports post 2019 just because they're so fun to read! But I haven't really commented on anyone's report, I'll do that. I really appreciate the advice.

And I'll definitely check out those movies. I think it's really interesting how different cultures interpret love and romance differently. I think one thing I've noticed about the Hong Kong romance in movies and music videos is that it often includes sacrifice or sadness, like someone usually dies or something. Do you have the same observation or is this just me?

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edmund replied at 25-3-2021 11:45
靈感只能 ...



你講個套戲既女主角Jessica Rabbit一直都係我心目中成熟女性魅力既代表~
而家依然有好多人當佢係偶像咁 人氣好高 (雖然喺香港好似唔係?)
見過好多drag queen既表演都會扮演佢所以好有印象~

Post time 4-3-2021 14:09:10 | Show all posts
阿草 replied at 4-3-2021 10:15

係喎,你咁多篇動後感,第一次仲未出爐會長冇追殺你咩希望你快啲出埋啦 我都想睇呀~~

哇哇~ 後面我都有諗過試 但唔算好大興趣 所以冇咩意慾住
不過男仔都想被插咩 嘻嘻~~
可能我咩都未試過阿 所以樣樣都想試
但主要我怕醜同怕生 所以都要熟稔左先敢試~

十幾次呀 聽落好正咁 期待我都會有第一次~
我想像中我覺得好緊張既都係 就算參加左一次
之後再參加都會見到唔同既人呢點會令我好緊張 好大挑戰呢~~

我都知要用覆蓋呢個行為 但以往既經驗只有更壞

哈哈哈 睇黎我同小伊貝都幾似喎

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Solar replied at 23-5-2021 16:15
Appreciate your efforts in learning Cantonese. To me, learning the most widely spoken local dialec ...

Hi Solar, thanks for your kind words!

I agree it is a basic thing to learn the local language and odd that more do not. Possibly because so many HKers speak excellent English, but its certainly helped me connect better with locals who don't speak English, even if it's just a short conversation. And it's a really fun language too with so many creative slangs!

I see you wrote a bilingual post a while back  - thanks for that, I'll have to check it out!

Btw how long have you been a member for? I see you are on Earth team, so I guess you must be very familiar with the club.

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Alloy replied at 14-2-2021 21:16
睇到張相會更 ...

祝你新一年喺到可以搵到你要嘅野, 性福滿滿啊~~

電視播咩就睇咩囉, 播咩都一樣睇得咁入神咖喇~


唔同人會有唔同嘅化學反應, 尤其哩到好快會有親密接觸, 難免會加速加大個反應~
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edmund replied at 21-5-2021 16:28
first few movies pops into my mind would be 〈秋天的童話 An Autumn's Tale〉〈花樣年華 In the Mood  ...

I just finished watching 2046 and really loved it. First, the acting is so good! Was really impressed. Overall I thought it was just really well made. I like the analogy of the "train to nowhere" and the main character's relationships. And I really like that they didn't try to force a happy ending. It's interesting how Chow changes in the movie where says he's "stopped lending (himself)".

Do you feel you learned something watching this? I feel like there are a lot of subtle messages which need time to sink in.

Post time 28-9-2021 16:11:15 | Show all posts
Nina replied at 28-9-2021 11:58


有我會開心, 冇都唔會特別唔開心囉~
妳知喇, 有得插妳時我總會忍住唔, 迫不及待的
學edmund成日咁講, 哩啲機會唔係成日有咖~!

咁大家肚腩撞肚腩, 音效應該會好響亮

魷魚我又唔覺得佢拖, 搧情有少少,
但我最頂唔順係男主好偽善, 大愛聖母角色我都好憎的...因為太唔真實又唔得爽快

「辛苦」我唔係指哩樣呢, 見面記得的話再講~

運動做到勞損係過份嘅, 我都冇時間做運動(懶人藉口)
咁妳休息喇, 睇吓劇囉
最近netflix有套劇剛上嘅「ゲキカラドウ」(the way of hot and spicy)
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Owen replied at 24-5-2021 17:53
I'm learning both Mandarin and Cantonese right now (the sounds often have a "mapping" from one dia ...

Yeah learning one definitely helps the other. I wish I'd realised that before, as I would have started Cantonese much earlier. So you are definitely on the right track!

It's much easier just to learn the sounds at first, but eventually learning characters helps as they are the key linking the dialects together.

The number of homonyms (words sounding the same), really makes it difficult and inevitably  causes a lot of amusement when you accidentally curse or talk about pigs genitals when ordering some food
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Mustard replied at 25-3-2021 09:27
Welcome again!! I like your icon...主角有想法又有個性
外表更係好sexy的角色⋯⋯一定引死人!:6f42875 ...


性愛上都係,好似得兩個mode咁 一係禁欲一係發春


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阿喬 replied at 29-8-2021 21:35
你好 Derek

Hello 阿喬,

Just got to read your experiences for both your first time, and also your first time as a mentor.

Very cool to see the change in openess of sharing, and even the formatting changed! Trust that the roller coaster was a good and fun one and that you did experience "前所未有既經歷和感受"~

Also I liked the post about being a mentor cause it certainly shows the flip side of the coin and how hard it can be do be a mentor as well in terms of responsibility, which makes me appreciate the structure of the club and how it's run more.

Thanks for the posts~
Post time 21-5-2021 16:28:00 | Show all posts
Owen replied at 21-5-2021 14:15
Yes, I agree with you. I just need to put in more effort and I think it will be worthwhile. Everyo ...

first few movies pops into my mind would be 〈秋天的童話 An Autumn's Tale〉〈花樣年華 In the Mood for Love〉and 〈2046〉
let's give them a try! I hope they wont disappoint you.

Indeed we are using Cantonese quite often in Chatroom so it may be a bit difficult for you with google translate. However some of us did write our 〈first time〉and 〈activity reports〉in traditional Chinese which you may give it a try! Click into other member's name above their avatar and you will find their previous articles.

Hope this little tip helps!
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Jaime replied at 28-5-2021 16:42
Wow, your description of Tantra really got me interested
"Sense each other each play each skin eac ...

I had the exact same reaction. I've heard from people it's worthwhile, but then when I read some stuff online and this book Urban Tantra, I had basically the same reaction as you, i.e. "too new age", kind of "mystic". But the essence of Mustard's comment is what motivated me to read about it in the first place. Based on what he said though, it sounds like something we just have to experience and the available reading isn't particularly helpful... Maybe once I experience it the books will make more sense...
Post time 15-3-2021 11:41:20 | Show all posts
memi replied at 12-3-2021 23:44
英文白痴的我救助無門 XD

memi 冇見你上壇成個星期我哋都有擔心你會唔會一去不返啊~~

雖然 SnB 本來就係一個咁嘅地方,能否再見、能否遇上,一切都係緣份,




anyway~當然幾時都係真人的溫度最好啦 1378979414-4127405890.gif

至於劇透唔駛擔心啦應該冇人睇到嘅 ~~嘿嘿

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阿草 replied at 4-10-2021 10:20
Halo Moscow, how you doing ;)
不真實和劇情/人物設定上a bit not making sense是death game題材的通病 ...

heyy bush!

哈哈,都是的-death game是一個不會發生的事情。尤其是alice in borderland的deathgame情況。Zombie Apocolypse有可能會重真實點
可以不帶腦袋看的電視我最喜歡!可以吃飯看,然後停。好像魷魚遊戲的電視我會想繼續看。想binge -- 不是太好的
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Owen replied at 14-7-2021 03:03
Hi Moscow, welcome to SnB. Yeah, so it's basically like you said, you do the motion with the barbe ...

Hi Owen,

Thanks so much for the feedback and advice back at the newbie forum as well!!

That's actually pretty cool. I should do more research for the gym to be honest. But I'm going to try out that method when I go to the gym with my friend next time and go from there. Is there a term for this workout method so I can check it out online? I was just wondering if the principle can be used across all different forms of exercises haha. If there's any resources that you think would be helpful please shoot it my way!

Thanks so much Owen!
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memi replied at 4-3-2021 13:52

我都覺得係正確答案呀,所以先 ...



見到你同 Mustard 的對話,唔駛㗎!


Post time 1-3-2021 03:41:36 | Show all posts
阿草 replied at 26-2-2021 17:32


因為夾親⋯你就頂返我一嘢了? 跟住我又被嚇一嚇⋯

新idea? 總有些你不感興趣的,從沒翻閱吧?

唔好學做埋d古惑野~ 你耳膜會爆的!唔好~

有人好似鐘意傾計多過 操~


個附件⋯ 本來想比誰的?

Post time 29-6-2021 22:05:49 | Show all posts
Jaime replied at 29-6-2021 16:05
It's something I've not done for quite a while with covid, but usually partner dances and more fre ...

On the dancing, yeah better to be on the safe side of privacy. It sounds fun though, I think I'm going to join some dance classes at some point... would really love to learn.

On the 3somes, lol, I guess. I'm always kind of surprised at how "conservative" the general population is, but that's probably because I don't really think about it too much. Honestly though I think if everyone in HK had good sex a bit more regularly that would solve a lot of issues. This city is too stressful to not be getting laid
Post time 7-8-2021 23:15:22 | Show all posts
Moscow replied at 7-8-2021 07:43
Hey Jaime!

That sounds like an interesting book, I just read a ppt presentation that summarised b ...

Hey Moscow, thanks for sharing.

I'll have to check out the pdf as I haven't read the female book yet. Certainly one would think later marriage and children would impact the stages, although the original thesis was that the stages were linked to internal maturation more than external events. I for one would love be to see a modern follow up study!

It's interesting to see your summary of Jack Ma's theory, although I am not a big fan of Jack Ma to be honest. Certainly he didn't follow his own advice in his 20s.
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Mustard replied at 16-5-2021 11:57
Congrats!!! Mori
Hope you already enjoy this club....
Can't wait to meet you and tell you more sex ...

Hi Mustard, my name is Owen. I've been looking through the profiles of other people on the forum and we have similar interestes (although you obviously have a lot more experience, in fact you seem to be one of the most frequently referenced people in others' experiences). I've been reading about tantra and sex recently but haven't actually put it into practice. I've read about breathing exercises, eye contact (which happens anyway), and a lot about "imagining chakras". How do you apply it?
Post time 14-4-2021 13:56:23 | Show all posts
阿草 replied at 14-4-2021 10:52
Hey rockohunter~
The real meaning of my wordings are: "keep faith and we shall meet and do what we ...

Hey Acao (I hope I used your correct name, Google translate haha)

Yeah I'm keeping faith and hopefully will get a chance to meet you all some day

Thanks for understanding the Google translate problem

Many a times it's really hard to join any ongoing conversation because I can't even understand the context due to some weird translation. But I just reply as soon as I can understand some meaning hahaha

Yeah definitely, from all the experiences I've heard so far, I believe it's worth the wait

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Hammer replied at 25-3-2021 14:47
Hi Mori....Welcome to the wonderland!  我係Hammer呀!
我冇其他幾位會員既中文咁好, 所以我唔識作首詩 ...

Hello hammar!!! mario icon好qq哈哈
Btw really think I'm Alice who walked into this wonderland hahahaa
期待我地可以再傾多啲-~你動後感有種第三人稱既感覺 好神奇
Post time 6-7-2021 16:17:53 | Show all posts
阿草 replied at 6-7-2021 14:52
叫大佬係活動播嘛, 上網好易搵到


呀~ 做比我睇! 我要學!其實我好想上呢d班⋯

可以加嗰個呀~ 但個感覺真係好特別,痹痹地,但又安全~

喂~ 你要唔要我再幫你照顧吓_ ?嗯~(眨眨眼)

要8'' 踭嗎?haha~

係保守社會下,可以過得咁 自由⋯好巴閉,羨慕啊~
我成日幻想住添⋯我想要固定_ _

Post time 19-6-2021 16:28:30 | Show all posts
Owen replied at 15-6-2021 15:43
Hey Jaime, sorry for the delay on this, here are the first couple pages of that book I mentioned.  ...

Hi Owen,Looks interesting - thanks for sharing

I'll definitely check it out!

That totally makes sense about conservative people having more extreme fantasies. I mean I think in general, I think we seek in fantasy what is missing in everyday life, or to try out behaviours, or ways of being, that are different or even opposite to our normal self. The stereotype would be the judge or business executive who pays a dominatrix to order him around, but I sure there are other examples.
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Frost replied at 4-10-2021 19:46
Hey Moscow!
Definitely gained a few pounds just sitting there and eating food haha, Netflix and a  ...

Hey Frost!

That sounds great. I just started getting into some games as well. Got roped into some more strategy games that are about expanding, building armies, diplomacy and so on. Surprisingly fun and I get quite into it. I tried some FPS games for a little bit, but kind of hard to solo a game that's meant to be made for co-op lol.

Yea I'm new here! Just joined a couple of months ago. Getting to know some people around here and hopefully get an application in soon :)

How about you?

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Virginia replied at 19-2-2021 15:53



但我仍係bookmark 咗未睇而家追緊〈慾望日記〉,忍唔住課咗金。如果可以長啲就好了。


得我同Nina 理你...係因為以前經常在壇上吹水的大家都冇乜出現了
你vacation 咗咁耐,好多人都未見過傳說中的大V啦
Post time 1-2-2021 17:59:57 | Show all posts
Nina replied at 1-2-2021 15:23
得啦⋯搽埋你嗰份啦  有色ok?


肉緊咗...我feel到呀, 我都應該有吧?

"唔好講唔開心野"係講完嗰件事, 強行轉話題唧~



Add post (1-2-2021 18:01):
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edmund replied at 25-5-2021 13:43
i am sooo curious about that translation!!

I love the story of three kingdom (have you ever read  ...

The translation is actually on the English Wikipedia page (not sure if we are allowed to post links here).
I guess the difficulty is how to translate the ”演義” in ”三國演義". "Three Kingdoms Perform Righteousness" sounds pretty odd in English!!

I've seen Red Cliff and read the first few chapters of a (heavily) abridged Chinese version, pretty fun and I want to read more. Seems mostly about intrigue, clever tactics and tricks so far.

Post time 18-9-2021 12:10:44 | Show all posts
Moscow replied at 17-9-2021 13:05
ohhh yea, those are good movies. I remember watching blade runner and that was really good. I thin ...

woahhh, "snow in the desert" is gooooood stuff. (i didnt know ion was a typo). this Mad Max episode gives me some hope to finish off the rest of season 2.Interesting how both of your recommended episodes centers on "immortality".

Escape Velocity approach? Long long time ago, galaxy far far away (in a classroom), I remember thinking about time travel through exceeding the speed of light.
hahhaha, but lets not get there. It bores people here to death.
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阿草 replied at 1-2-2021 12:47

有輸咗個mood咩? 我又唔係好覺...

得啦⋯搽埋你嗰份啦 有色ok?

我最記得d觸感⋯ 同埋你補習時嘅樣
係澎湃的,個畫面成日彈出黎⋯ 跟住又要揾野做吓分吓心⋯
想睇⋯ 咁等⋯
寫過咁嘅動後⋯之後唔敢再睇返,覺得自己好癲⋯ 後來寫完自己睇算⋯


無心空白⋯但實際又代表到我當時 欲言又要止嘅情緒⋯

Add post (1-2-2021 16:22):
再辛苦d嗰句⋯睇到我個心跳得好快⋯痴線 >_<

Add post (1-2-2021 17:05):
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alexparker replied at 8-3-2021 20:04

我部Flair真的experiment過很多次才dial in 到正確的方法。連 ...


其實磨豆機係一切的根本呀,尤期係 for espresso。
如果磨豆機唔好,點tune 都係好困難的。blade grinder 應該好難做到適合 espresso 的粉吧?

如果適合 espresso 的 grinder,平靚正之選,手磨可以睇下 Lido E、Commando C40 或者 匿名(呢個最平);電磨的話就 Eureka Mignon 無乜懸念。
你可以再。research 下呀~ 如果你而家用緊 blade grinder, 換咗磨豆器之後會係另一個世界啊~
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Nina replied at 12-4-2021 14:08
我比較同細過我的溝通到,人⋯入世 ...



直覺,幾時都係最準的...同埋信直覺,可以免除諗太多無謂嘢嘛... 輕鬆好多...

不過講起餵到週圍係,我就記得有次 多多 話我自己餵自己 (食嘢),餵到成個小朋友咁周圍都係

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Nina replied at 23-2-2021 16:56



我都唔識點講...佢係有一種,我行我素don't give a sxxt to anything 的神情,真係好吸引我

佢引誘男仔真係好好笑,同埋有一度佢成晚都想引誘 阿全國冠軍,阿 全國冠軍 最後先蠢蠢的開口嗰度都超正

好明顯套劇就係想寫佢同齢的男性全部都係冇鬼用的啦,以突顯女主角有幾出眾 1396274234-3797941880.gif


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Jocelyn replied at 7-3-2021 01:47




Post time 27-1-2021 18:56:48 | Show all posts
To: 草

真係睇得晒我嗰d咩? 超多廢話,很長的說⋯但就是不捨得不題⋯


食極都唔飽? 白白草個肚係咪生蟲呀? 想食女人男人定食草(自己)呀?

Add post (27-1-2021 18):
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哈~ 又比你搶到頭注香

Post time 27-1-2021 19:03:36 | Show all posts
To: 草

好好睇! 要睇!每集2分鐘咋, 好快睇晒


Post time 27-1-2021 19:06:12 | Show all posts
小伊貝 replied at 27-1-2021 19:02
哈~ 又比你搶到頭注香

 Author| Post time 27-1-2021 19:09:44 | Show all posts
Nina replied at 27-1-2021 19:06

Post time 27-1-2021 19:16:13 | Show all posts
可能我既壞 只係為左劇情需要 令件事更加流暢 更加圓滿

岩呀岩呀~ 小朋友先需要做選擇 識揀當然係兩樣都要晒~聰明豆

Post time 27-1-2021 19:21:03 | Show all posts
喂~ 唔洗郁d就走去查字典個喎
Post time 27-1-2021 19:29:40 | Show all posts
Chris replied at 27-1-2021 19:09

Post time 27-1-2021 21:48:51 | Show all posts
新Chatroom 喎~ 留返個名先
Post time 27-1-2021 22:31:17 | Show all posts
Rick replied at 27-1-2021 21:48
新Chatroom 喎~ 留返個名先

YAH! New chatroom! Must get on the first page!
Post time 27-1-2021 22:42:43 | Show all posts
1. 性 2. 色 3. 食 4. 技 5. 綁 6. Cosplay 7...
Post time 27-1-2021 23:21:40 | Show all posts
Rick replied at 27-1-2021 21:48
新Chatroom 喎~ 留返個名先

噫? 你仲未驗身咩? 我見你早排已經係內壇註冊左啦喎~

Post time 28-1-2021 11:05:51 | Show all posts

bdsm test我嘅Voyeur(偷窺者)屬性可是有99%的

嗯...妳嗰啲, 雖然真係好多, 但我睇字好快的...花咗啲時間, 睇晒了...
不過我記性好差的, 所以唔好考我

餓嘅英文係starve, 但同時有starve for
如果就咁starve, 只需要求其食啲野就會飽
但starve for, 卻係要特定嘅人/事/物先能夠解決的
而我今次係starve for Nina呢~
中風? 是餓到失心瘋~
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只係八卦, 乜都睇下, 所以乜都知下咁囉

如果要話S&B嘅才子, 文公子先係當之無愧呀
上次先同某位女士傾完, 你嘅好mentee真係文史哲理樣樣精
講咩佢都搭到嘴, 真係唔知佢邊到有咁多時間睇咁多野

係呀, 2分鐘一集, 而家先得4定5集, 辦一次大事就睇晒咖喇

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Rick replied at 27-1-2021 21:48
新Chatroom 喎~ 留返個名先

Hi Rick~!
Welcome back
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人気豆: 1.jpg


貴為Pollux Mentor...梗係要對佢特別關照咖嘛...
(小聲: 其實我人生路不熟, 都需要你嘅特別關照呢...)
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my reply:



Add post (28-1-2021 11:42):

Add post (29-1-2021 17:56):
Post time 28-1-2021 11:48:00 | Show all posts



Miss your game
Post time 28-1-2021 11:50:27 | Show all posts


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