Swing and Bang Club 【 S & B 】 - Safe Sex Club .....[我們都是友善、不甘於生活平凡,敢於面對自己所需的人]


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Reister NOW!! 馬上註冊,了解更多活動內容,享用更多功能,讓你輕鬆玩轉S&B。

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[Chris TV interview about Safe sex Party_Part One & Two]是暫時暫近期主流電視台的訪問。

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Finally got a chance to watch Chris' interview on VIU TV and learned about S&B's focus on help us, the “more expereinced” old boy group.  Thanks.  I felt that the caring expressed by Chris was genuine, and spoke directly to my pain points.  Thank you, Chris.

I have been searching for a platform like S&B for many yesrs.  As a hudband, I am simply a much more exploratory and sharing person than my wife.  Sense of guilt and fear of rejection by my loved one has been tormenting me...  I love my wife and my family, and even wish my wife could join me on this adventure of self discovery.  Instead, our love as a family has been so strong that I have sacrificed years of my fulfillment to constant try to tame that desire inside.  I believe S&B is probably the only platform that would allow me the opportunity to fulfill this one aspect if my life.

I shall devote my focus and energy in the next few months to qualify as an official member.  Perhaps I could even match or break the club's upper record.  :P

Let's see how this journey will transpire.

Oriental (OB)

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我啱啱聽左5個一夜情嘅訪問,我好認同會長嘅講法,真係會係一種折然不同而且響現實生活無辦法觸碰到嘅感受,加上會規秩序嘅嚴謹程度絕對係帶俾各位safe sex party嘅零壓力接觸,比起響夜蒲生活岀面嘅玩家亂交嘅情況更安全衛生而且無包伏與做作,
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Nina replied at 12-12-2016 15:04

其次係 D100 聽我解色  同  我係講女

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笫一次聽到是Yanis 節目,我是234的會員,對貴會十分好奇。之後機缘巧合聽到五個一夜情節目,沒有什麼反應。最近又看到YouTube 上D100節目,覺得一個會可以成存下去,會長你功不可沒!
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Ar sam replied at 13-12-2014 01:08

如果有時間就聽埋啦, 不過聽完可能會囉囉攣架喎
聊天室傾吖, in "Lets Caht " , u know wheres it  ? ^v^
wait u there ~^^

Add post (13-12-2014 07:15):
in" Let's Chat"
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Ar sam replied at 12-12-2014 22:42

我間唔中都會番聽架 ^v~ hihi Ar sam, nice to meet u    , continue chat  in "Lets Chat "

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Bickle replied at 12-12-2016 16:42
其次係 D100 聽我解色  同  我係講女

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the youtube/ radio clips were great to help me understand this club more.  highly recommended for newbies (like myself).  cant wait to meet u guys!
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Ar sam replied at 12-12-2014 00:12
原來會長有咁多訪問,我係聽完唔潮唔吹先對呢個forum有興趣,得閒聽堆其他個d先 ...

真係聽極都唔厭架 ^v~  
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阿飛 replied at 28-2-2014 13:54
聽完 唔潮唔吹 之後, 再加深對S﹠B 既認識, 促使我加入呢個論壇  :)


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Thanks for sharing.
Actually I do admire Chris, who can organize such meaningful activities for Hkers and manage loads of members haha. keep going!!
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菲比斯 replied at 27-1-2018 15:24
覺得你女會員真係非常偏愛會長, 睇過你哋嘅第一次 真係 又羨慕又妒忌

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hedgehog replied at 18-1-2017 13:50
Watching it now. Its a very good introduction of S&B

It does. Hopefully more youtube clips.

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覺得你女會員真係非常偏愛會長, 睇過你哋嘅第一次 真係 又羨慕又妒忌
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cccwong replied at 26-8-2016 09:42
I am a chinese guy.
but my chinese sucks.

You want to keep your Chinese sucks forever?
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真係去唔到既 同會長見下面 學下野都好
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聽完真係對S & B嘅理念清晰咗好多,之前好多野都miss咗,感謝會長的真心,用心嘅付出付出
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聽完 唔潮唔吹 之後, 再加深對S﹠B 既認識, 促使我加入呢個論壇  :)   
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So many interviews....I wonder if sex clubs around the world gather more or less attention.
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他朝一日會長真係出書, 我一定會支持會買!
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Nina replied at 12-12-2016 16:53

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finally finished viewing/listening to all of these ! learned sth. Thanks.
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小林誠 replied at 8-8-2013 19:57

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希望可以快d抽到時間睇晒, 了解多d s&b
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KittY replied at 6-1-2018 17:24

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i saw an interview on youtube

papa shing

Share to all of you
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always good to listen to the interview again and again :D
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Watching it now. Its a very good introduction of S&B
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o, i cant paste the url link, sorry bro, search by yourself
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You should consider adding some english subtitle
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後知後覺,而家先知有呢啲訪問喺個網到,Nice ~
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J 爆自己個頭,果晚呀!一次過聽晒
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that one with Yannis is so funny lol
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一對四 真利害
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Sorry I need coins :/
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thanks for sharing
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totally agree,
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下! 我地係 youtube 開咗條 channel :icon36
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原帖由 Chris 於 8-4-2013 17:23 發表


唉~ 如果搵得返 紅場個幾條片就好了.
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Good Job Good Job
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原帖由 熊叔叔 於 8-4-2013 18:18 發表

唉~ 如果搵得返 紅場個幾條片就好了.

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原帖由 Erica 於 8-4-2013 20:27 發表
Good Job Good Job

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