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Rules of Forum/會網上的規則

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Reister NOW!! 馬上註冊,了解更多活動內容,享用更多功能,讓你輕鬆玩轉S&B。

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由於文字留存久遠,網上人流複雜,因此會網規則會比活動更為嚴謹小心。Compare to club activities,there would be more serious impact if you do not follow the rules of forum.
Therefore, we have more rigorous rules in our forum.

There are 4 main principles:

第一,要保護個人私穩 ----例如 會網上所有使用的,要全新和不會讓人聯想到自己的登入名和圖像簽名、
Protect Personal Privacy –e.g. use a brand new login name and profile picture(Avatar), it would not let people guess your real identity.
You are not allowed to disclose any contact information, neither any personal information that would expose your real identity.

第二,要保護S&B,不能影響活動運作----例如 不能
Protect S&B, and do not interrupt operation of activities – e.g. do not disclose information of activities such as time or location,
also cannot disclose information of bank-in account no..

Respect to each others, sustain peaceful atmosphere – e.g. No rude words, No insult, No offence, No argument.

No stress to each others, also do not provoke others to break the club rules – e.g.Don’t harassing others and don’t ask for commitment, also, conversation
     should not involves love or too sweet for love.


----- Please read the examples of below; however, it does not reflect all infraction.
To avoid any misunderstanding, critical thinking is require before you post anything in forum.

第一,要保護個人私穩 ---- (扣 HP3 - HP15 )
Protect Personal Privacy –(Deduct HP3 – HP15)
                  更不可曾經或將會在任何地方及情況下使用(包括現實生活中及互聯網中)。 (即一個只能在S&B使用的全新網名)。
                                   如註冊後想更改,而亦打算參加活動,可以發電郵(swingandbang@gmail.com) 通知會長代為刪除並重開,或於交申請表時提供三個恰當的假名給會長代為選擇並更改

Login Name:  Login Name must be a new fictitious name, you are encouraged to use this fictitious name in our club activities.
                 This fictitious Name cannot be same as, or similar to your email address, moreover,
                 it cannot be used in any other real and virtual environment. (e.g.  in your daily life and internet world)
                 i.e.  Login name must be brand new and unique in S&B web site.
                 If you think your Login Name have any issue after registration, please send email to contact Chairman (Email:  swingandbang@gmail.com),
                 Points won't be deducted under this scenario.  
                 If you did not read thru the club rules, and do not have intension to change your login name that do not meet the above requirement,
                 points will be deducted once your application form was received.

-身份獨一會網上上載使用的身份圖像(Icon) 、簽名或在文章中附貼的照片舉凡在S&B會網上使用的,不能用與自己密切有關的物事
                   例如自己身軀或四肢上的特徵、經常配戴的飾物、紋 身、臉部的部份或全部、自己擁有的車輛、生活家居或工作地方陳設、
-Unique Identity:Do not disclose your real identity or related objects in your user profile picture, signature, photos attached in articles,
                        i.e. anything in S&B’s website. For examples, do not show any characteristic of your body, the whole or part of your face,
                        wearing accessories, tattoo, your car, home,working place  or declaration, your pet…etc.
                        Moreover,to protect your personal privacy, anything had been disclosed in S&B website that cannot be disclosed outside (or vice versa),
                        outside includes other forum  /website, Facebook, Wechat, Skout…etc.

-自拍照:<自拍區>內的參加者自拍照,不能露出嘴唇以上的部份包括耳朵(有遮蔽的除外)、紋 身、胎記和特徵,家居陳設亦應小心,儘量不要入鏡。

Self Portrait:  If you post your self-portrait photo in <Self Portrait Area>,please do not show your face upper of your mouth including ears
               (except it was masked), as well as your tattoo, birthmark and characteristic of your body.
               Moreover,be careful of your home decoration that cannot be showed.

          Rules of <Self Portrait Area>:
1.      Do not post any pictures that are Pedophilia, under legal age, animal sex…etc.
         We endeavor to intervene and delete this kind of pictures as mentioned above.
         Moreover, the person is still responsible for legal liability of the pictures that he or she posted.
2.       Picture would be deleted or moved to other area if it did not match the definition of <Self Portrait Area>
3.      Picture need to be uploaded directly from personal computer or device.
         Please do not upload from your web account that contains private photos. Moreover,
         please be careful and avoid exposing your identity if you upload pictures from web hosting websites.

   Daily life information:  Do not disclose your living or working area / district, as well as school and company name.
   Also, do not disclose route or location that you show up daily, e.g. where have you been usually, after school or afterwork, your roster…etc.

     Personal Status: Do not disclose personal life and family status (family member or residential status), health issue (long term).

Who look like who?:  Do not allow to mention about any outlooks of participants such as he or she look like one of the public figure ,
moreover, you are not allowed to post pictures that includes someone look like our participants.

- Do not allow to disclose any kind of contact information.   

You have to assume, someone know you who is also browsing our website.
It seems probable that your identity could be recognized from your post, conversation, or personal information.

第二,要保護S&B,不能影響大會運作---- (扣 HP10 至 HP30 )
2.      Protect S&B, and do not interrupt operationof activities. – (Deduct HP3 – HP10)

- Cannot disclose any coming activities you had applied to join, as well as the date of activities.
  What you may share is your experience and feeling in the pervious activities.  

-寫[動後感]時,注意保護私隱,不要提及區域、大廈、酒店名、房號或可導致被認出的特徵。 動後感應著重個人感受抒發,不是資料和流程的曝光。
-  Please be careful and protect privacy when you are writing [Activities Memories]. Do not mention about the location of activity such as district,
   name of building , hotel , room numbers, or any types of characteristic that can be  recognized.  
   Your [Activities Memories] should focus on personal feeling, but not to expose the activity information and workflow.

- Chit chat is not allowed out of<Chatting Room>.  Especially in <Shine>and <Activities Memories> ,
  chit chat is highly prohibited .  Definition of Chit Chat - 2 people or more who are in conversation
   with more than 8 posts that do not related to the topic.

-To serve the purpose of ensuring the privacy of the photos and information on the forum,
all new participants should attend your first event within two months of approval,
otherwise your right to join our events will be cancelled without further notices.
Also, your next approval will be assessed with higher standards.
Just a warm reminder, you should be putting your daily schedule into your consideration.

- If you did not left messages and did not attend activities in 6 months, or you cannot attend activity due to you are overseas,
   your member group will be shifted to the group of【On Leave】,it means that you cannot get information of our activities.

第三,要尊重別人,維持會網上氣氛和諧------ (扣 HP5 至 HP20 )
3. Respect to each others, sustain peaceful atmosphere ------(Deduct HP5 – HP20)

-Prohibited Topics: To avoid disputes, do not comment or discuss about Religion  and Politics in our forum.

          Respect to each other – In our forum, please do not use rude or offensive words, or over-intense comments, also, do not provoke, insult or discriminate others.
          Anyone may inform Chairman if you are unacceptable or feeling not good on some words or comments, or been treated impolite in our forum.
          Please do not strike back in our forum; otherwise you will also be looked into the cause.

-零壓力溝通:不可以在會網上發放帶有呷醋意味或勉強別人的文字或行為,犯規例子:[我呷醋!、[有佢得喇~唔駛我勒,唔阻兩位傾計] 、
[我都係無人要,無人理嫁勒] 、[妳/你都唔覆我既? 又唔理我? 做乜唔答呀?] [不要同佢玩!]… 之類。
-Communication with NO Stress: Do not post messages with meaning of jealousy, or force people to do something,
  here are the examples of violation: [I am jealous],  [he or she is your everything, so you don’t need me anymore!],
  [No one would like to take care of me!], [Why you didn’t reply me? Why do you ignore me? Answer me! ]

  Follow instruction:If you had posted invalid messages but you did not follow advices by Chairman or Forum Administrator,
   or object their advices, then you will be prohibited posting message for 3 days.

第四,活動零壓力,不惹人越界------(扣 HP3 至 HP20 )
     No stress to each others, also do not provoke others to break the club rules------(Deduct HP5 - HP20)

-不能詢問別人有否報名活動,不應邀請別人參加指定的一次活動,犯規例子:[不如你/妳都參加下一次活動丫] 、
不犯規例子:[有緣就會相見。] [ 多些出席活動喇... ]
    Cannot ask others had applied to join activities or not, neither invite others to join specific activities.
Examples of violation:  [why don’t we join the next activity?] 、[Hope I can see you next time (or giving hints that you will join the next activities)]…
Examples without violation: [just meet if have chance] [let join more activities... ]

    Double penalty would be given to people who intended to broken the rules such as asking or inviting others to attend activities with hints.  
      Violation will be treated as the same if people who had replied to attend or not attend.

[見到你/妳時,我要抱抱錫錫] 之類,只要在會內活躍了一段時間都知道這是自取麻煩的做法。
    - should not promise or request others to promise anything in the forum, such as what will be done in the future,
      examples: [shall we do this or that next time we meet? I want to stay / play with you!]、[I want to take shower with you]、
[I have to hug and kiss you when we meet] …etc.  People have experience in our club who realize on this kind of message will get themselves in trouble.
If you really want to make promise to someone for doing something, you may invite people to join activities without body contact,
  such as playing cards or games, watching movies…etc.

-     Your signature cannot include other participant’s names or nickname.

-         Not allowed to request (or request by giving hints) for money or material to specific participant.

  例如,[我會應承你/妳一世….] [My Love] [唔可以無左你/] [我愛你/]……之類。
-         Not allowed to announce any message(either in Forum or during activities) making people feel bad,
          neither to make others misunderstood your intentions.
        Examples: [I would promise you in my whole life….] 、[My Love] 、[cannot living without you] 、[I love you]……etc.
      As an adult, we should know which kinds of wording are over-flirted.

-         In your signature, it is not allowed to have any wording with love to someone or any wording seems to be told to specific person.  
          Please do not use your signature as a tool to post message to someone, also, suggest your words in signature should be mild and polite.

-     Example of violation: [I love you], [please don’t leave me alone、 [he / she is mind, I would kill who try to take out he / she from me] ,
      [this is my character,just get lost if you don’t like!]     

-不能以有名份的字眼相稱,例如:[老公、老婆、[情人、愛人、[女友、男友、[情婦,情夫]….. 之類。
-         -Not allowed to call others with relationships in love, such as:[husband, wife]、[lover, mistress]、[girl friend, boyfriend] etc...
可以接受[sweetheart 、[Honey、[darling、[Baby等沒名位的甜蜜稱呼。
-         Accepted to call someone without specific relationship such as sweet heart 、[Honey 、[darling、[Baby etc…

-      it is not allowed to give songs to specific single person or seems to be given to specific single person.  
       To avoid any misunderstanding, it is restricted to show your feeling to someone via song or lyrics.
       However, good song to share to all people can be exempted in this case.

-         In Forum or during activity, you are not allow to request others to give HP points to you.

Do & Don't

-if you would like to answer questions for new joiners, please try refer to the FAQ or link of statement in the forum.
  To avoid misunderstanding and different answers, we would not suggest to using your owned words to answer.
Please pass the question to Chairman or staffs if you are not sure.

-不應該過問一些較私人的問題,例如長期健康問題、工作或感情狀況,如希望提供協助,請 跟會長聯絡,代為轉達,但請勿濫用。
- you should not ask questions about privacy of others, such as long term health issue,
  working status or relationship of love.Please contact Chairman if you need assist for transferring your question /message,
  but please do not abuse it.

- [動後感] 不是規定要寫,但對S & B有莫大幫助,對於自己,也是人生的一個大體驗,絕對值得記念和回顧。
當初閣下對活動有興趣,相信也有部份原因,是因為被其他參加者的感想 之內容所吸引,想延續這些開心的活動,動後感絕對有其價值,
- Writing [Activities Memories] is not mandatory; however, it would be a great support to S & B.  
  It is also a great experience for your life,and worth to write down to be your memories and review.
  We believe one of the attractive reasons to you for joining activities; it would be the memories that were shared by other participants.
  Activities Memories definitely have its value for keeping activities to be continued; moreover,
  it is a valuable return for Chairman and staffs as they were working hard to hold activities.   

Follow the rules and get more HP!

提醒大家,網頁最好每次 login /logout,不要輕易介紹人加入,行動前,先和會長商議,分開玩樂和私人圈子

Reminder: (1) Please login / logout to visit forum each times.  
(2) Please inform Chairman in advance if you would like to introduce others to joinus.
(3) Please separate the circles between Fun & your private life.

《如有任何爭議,由會長Chris 作最後決定,不得異議》
< In case of dispute,the decision of Chris, the Chairman of S&B, shall be final andconclusive>

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-To serve the purpose of ensuring the privacy of the photos and information on the forum,
all new participants should attend your first event within two months of approval,
otherwise your right to join our events will be cancelled without further notices.
Also, your next approval will be assessed with higher standards.
Just a warm reminder, you should be putting your daily schedule into your consideration.
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