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[Ocean Team] Dippin' Noodles - The wall has ears.. and switches

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Reister NOW!! 馬上註冊,了解更多活動內容,享用更多功能,讓你輕鬆玩轉S&B。

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Before we begin, allow me to make some preparations. First I’d like toshare my BDSM Test results.

100% Switch
100% Experimentalist
99% Brat tamer
99% Brat
99% Voyeur
99% Non-monogamist
98% Exhibitionist
94% Ageplayer
90% Degradee
84% Primal (Hunter)
84% Degrader
84% Dominant
83% Owner
83% Boy/Girl
76% Master/Mistress
76% Daddy/Mommy
75% Primal (Prey)
75% Pet
71% Rigger
66% Sadist
65% Rope bunny
64% Masochist
63% Submissive
56% Slave
42% Vanilla

Switch: Switches like to... well, switch.Always taking a dominant or top position is not for them, neither is alwaystaking a submissive or bottom position. Some prefer to switch with the samepartner or partners, others have a dominant play partner and a submissive playpartner, but in either case they do not fit on one end point of the spectrum.
Experimentalist:Exhibitionists enjoy showing their nakedbody or a sexual activity to other people. Definitions vary with respect towhether those being shown this, should be looking for such encounter or not.
Brat and Brat Tamer:Bratsare, in essence, naughty submissives. They find disobedience a form ofplayfulness rather than letting their dominant down, and require a compatibledominant who will not only teach them a lesson, but also accept that any numberof lessons might still not necessarily change this behavior. Brattamers are dominants who enjoy handling bratty submissives. They finddisobedience a form of playfulness from the side of the submissive, rather thana form of rudeness. They will take no offence to it, but will still teach thesub a well deserved lesson (because, of course, that is why the bratty subshows such behavior in the first place).
For more detailed information, you may visit bdsmtest dot org, and tryfor yourself. Do post your result at http://swingandbangclub.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=9233 as well!


Next, this activity report is largely based ona recent hit in our chatroom, a Korean comic/manga introduced by Virginia,titled ‘Moral sense’. It is about BDSM in our daily lives. There aren’t anypornographic scenes involved. A few other members, including 小豆 (I’d call her ‘pea’ here) who is also anotherfemale lead of this activity report. After reading it, we discussed aboutvarious fantasy we would like to realize during activities and roleplay them.Disclaimer: I’d call Virginia ‘Master V’, and Pea would call me ‘Master’, allthese are part of the roleplaying process, no other meanings. My action outsidethe bedroom with Virginia are also an extension of our ‘living room play’, itdoes not mean that I am clinging onto Virginia.


Now, lets kick off the main story. There weregame rules for the night. Due to a smaller location, it is easy to hear soundscoming out from individual rooms. Any moaning, screaming, cumming sounds,slapping, howling, roaring, woofing whatsoever heard in the living room, thosearen’t in rooms will proceed to ‘check out’ on what happened and provide ‘warmregards’.
That’s definitely exciting! Lets see who’s on the list for the night.Ladies: Ah Mong!? Alison!!?? Pea!!!??? All the above are high pitch releasertyped beauties. Oh dear, most likely those in the living room would be movingaround quite abit. And at the same time, I found my master’s name, Virginia.
Perturbed,I noticed that master would arrive slightly later as indicated on theattendance list. Unwilling to miss her, I chose to wait. Cleaned myself, didsome warm up stretching. Alison who came in slightly later didn’t have a top towear, so I lent her my T shirt, and changed back into my suit. Perfect! That’sthe perfect image I’d like to use to welcome my master when she arrives~! Thankyou Nina, who tipped that master loves men in suits.
Whilewaiting, we crowded together to play Rummikub with Alison, newcomer Zach andMac. There were a couple of false alarm when sounds could be heard outside thedoor, and almost every single time I dashed to the door getting in position.Silly me getting all nervous that even Nina felt my heavy heartbeat.

And finally! Master V is here! I stood in front of the door as it opened, I bowed like a butler.

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Welcome back, Master.

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「Kneel before me, Dip.

Perhaps my sense of possession is arising, or perhaps my vanity yearnedfor master’s pamper. I surrounded her like a maid, served her tea and took hershoes. I kinda shoved her into the bathroom to take a shower and get her bodycheck done. However, master took her time, ran by her own pace. She sat downand chatted with Pea, surrounding our favourite animation topic. I gave up,bended down next to her and pillowed my face on her lap. She petted me.

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Until master realized that there are available rooms, she held mynecktie with one hand, and wrote our names on the record board with another,and pulled me in.

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Master Virginia VS SlaveDip

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Finallywe’re here, a space that belongs solely to us. Its been what, half a year?
Overthis past duration, Virginia had accepted me to be her slave.

I’ll be your master.

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Though it was ‘announced’ to me on the forum, the domineering momentumcan be felt.
We chatted for a long time before getting down to business. Masterclimbed on me, touching my head. Kissing my cheek. She jerked a little, and offcame my necktie.
I wanted to kiss her on the lips, but master V evaded, and continuedkissing me all over. If she had lipstick on, my face would be covered with redmarks, except my lips. I kept my desire down and be a good dog. Master hasn’tgiven me the green light yet.

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She continued to kiss downwards, touch upwards. Master knows very wellmy sensory points. My shirt buttons were off, she shook me upwards.
Take off your clothes
Finally! A command! A long awaited order frommy dear master V!

Master then ordered me to lie down flat, andstarted kissing my sensitive back. I gathered courage this time, and send outmy first request to my master.

Please bite me

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Master bit my shoulder. I returned the favour with a light nibble on herfinger. I then sent out my second request.

Miss V. Could you spank me? I’ve been naughty...

Up pops my booty as I speak, master hit me withher palm. I let out a moan. Now, being an Exhibitionist, I’d love it now whenthe other members outside come in and see how shameful I look. However deepdown, I do not wish my ‘quality time’ with my master to be disrupted.
I grabbed the blanket nearby and started stuffing it in front of mymouth, buffering the growing volume I let out. But I couldn’t stop the alarmingspike from spanking to reach the living room!

Apparently, as long as it ain’t moaning, nobody would come in. What anenjoyable experience, constantly thinking would they come in? Or would theynot?
I got turned over then, now facing up. Master still conquering my body,however, now she’s servicing little dough! It was magical, but I stopped hershortly.

「Master. As a sub, I should be the one servicingyou, not the other way round.」

Master stopped sucking, and gave me that cold,shivering eyes, while slowly climbing on top of my me, and sat down right on myface.

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Constrainedfor a long time, I chomped greedily, like a man trapped in a desert for daysfinally found water, like a stray dog receiving leftover pork ribs. Seating ontop of me, my eyes can clearly observe the change in master’s expression as Ilicked. The more expression she gave me, the harder I got.
I’m theone who made her made these expressions! Master is enjoying my service! I’m aworthy dog! I gotta work harder, and my prize will come! I thought to myself.

And there comes my reward. Master gave me thegreen light to move freely. I can now indulge myself with master’s mesmerizingbody.

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Of course, given the permission to do whatever I want doesn’t mean Iwould stop taking care of my master. First I replaced my tongue with fingers, Islid out and up to the back of master V, and massage master’s breast with theother hand. I took initiative to kiss master on her lips this time, to ensureshe gets the full providence I could give.
Rightnow, master V is in a position kneeling by the pillow, facing the wall. Icouldn’t help but switched temporary, I wanted to dominate her. I put a rubberonto little dough and slid in from behind. I hugged her tight, ensuring not toput too much of my body weight onto her to minimize the pressure on her knees.I kept pushing through, master let out sweet, low weeps. I suddenly decided topull out, and return to fingers and tongues. I wanted to serve master Vproperly, and knowing myself, I’d like to make her feel the most comfortablewhen she’s with me. So I laid her down, and gave master all I could.
Joy,desire being realized. Wishes coming true one by one. Slowly I am awake fromthis dream, and found out its been 2 hours. Master was seating upright, while Iwas lying down on her laps, she’s slowly combing my hair with her fingers,while I enjoyed the after-temperature of the heated sex.

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We hadan enjoyable shower, and I was still by my master’s legside after we returnedto the living room. Master returned to the Japanese topic with Pea, while Ilistened and acted like a stuffed toy to my master.
PerhapsI was still enjoying the endless aftertaste, or perhaps I’m already calculatingwhat I could do to Pea following this, I started to stop paying attention tothe conversation. Though I remember it started when Pea commented on what an MI am, and wouldn’t be able to discipline her.
Almostinstantly, I grabbed her from her chair, and off we went to an empty room. Themoment we entered, voice channel changed to NHK. I took a step out to theliving room again, and its TVB. Back in, its TVasahi.

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Little Pea VS Big Bowl of Noodles

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(The following conversation had been tweaked with NICAM system intoEnglish. Please enjoy.)

Noodles 「Little Pea, keep it down! Anything can happen, just don’t wake my parent! Or elsewe’re both fried!」

Little Pea「...(Lagging a bit)」

Followed by a string of kissing and touching, the two moved to thewindow pane.

Noodles 「Look at that!It’s the Skytree! Whenever I feel down, I’d stare at it back in the days whenits still being constructed. Now its done, the night view is so gorgeous!」

Little Pea 「Huh? What areyou talking about? What tree? I thought that’s in Japan? (Totally not in the roleplaying mode)」

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Noodles 「Right belowis the Tokyo Dome! Ah~ Memories of me wanting to be a professional baseballer. That’sthe springtime of youth!」

Little Pea 「Hahahahha (Totally no idea what’s going on, therefore pealaughed)」

Noodles 「Shhhhh! Shutup! Bring down the volume would you? Are you trying to wake my parent?」

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Little Pea 「I… I…(Still unable to reboot her systems and runproperly)」

Noodles 「Please I’mbegging you, just stop making a sound. Or you leave me no choice!」

Noodles sealed LittlePea’s lips tight with his own, removed hisnecktie, and tied it around Little pea’s forearms.

Little Pea 「Hey wait aminute! Aren’t you submissive based? What is this?」

Noodles gave out an evil smile, finally revealing histrue self.

Noodles 「Oh please. Imentioned to you before, I’m a switch type. An extreme switch. My preferencewill switch around depending on my partner. With you? You’d probably end upcalling me master while licking my boot. Now, try it. Say please, master.」

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Little Pea 「N..No way! Inyour dreams! (Little Pea starts to feel fear, but trying hard to hideit)」

Suddenly, Noodles realizedthat the necktie knot had came off. Noodles took it off, and Little Pea thought that that was it. However Noodles pushed her down, and used a tighter, moreeffective knot to tie up Little Pea’s wristagain.

Noodles 「Oh yea,someone once said on the forum, that As long as you’re not talking to me with a foreign language, I’m notscared of you!Am I right? Can you say that to me again please?」

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Little Pea 「I… Err.. I’m…!」

Noodles 「I..I’m what?Louder? I can’t hear you. And our audience outside couldn’t hear a thingeither.」

Spoken extortion, confidence drainage, complete degrade. Unfortunately, due to publisher’s request, X rated scenes are not gonnabe shown on this comic. Please imagine on your own.以上對話是有動作配合的。基於漫畫尺度問題、不方便形容得太仔細。請讀者自行想像。

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Noodles 「Who am I?」

Little Pea 「Master」

Fine tuning completed. Its time to untie her. Although Little Pea is a littlepet kitten, but Noodles insist on raising her as a dog. So Noodles fed herSausage instead of fish. To Noodle’s surprise, Little pea liked it. In fact shesavoured the sausage so much that Noodles almost lost control. Noodles thenlifted her up, sat her on his lap and rubbed her like a dog. In goes thesausage, and the previous orgasm continues…
Mechanic action continues in and out, and Noodles realized something iswrong. Why is Little Pea riding me? That’s not right. Noodles then pushed herdown and pinned her arms down tightly, the session continues…
The night is late. Apparently our audiences aren’t interested in pushingin abruptly to check on the loud cry from thecaterwaul anymore. What a bummer. As an exhibitionist too, Noodles was lookingforward to gaining audiences very much. Please, Dippin’ Noodles welcomeaudiences. Feel free to view for free next time..

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Taming pea, we’re back to TVB. Another round ofJapanese culture conversation, and its about time to call it a day. Alisondragged herself towards me trying to return me the T shirt, I couldn’t help butpulled her into a room and smooched. That night was fantastic ladiesattendences. I feel so bad having to choose from them, particularly missing outon Alison, again. This particular kiss, which was soft like cotton, gave mestronger motivation to enjoy it much, much more longer. I would really love tofind out what kind of chemistry can two Brats and Brat tamers creates. Who’sthe one who get tamed first?

Separated by a wall, Dippin’ Noodles can beboth a Dominating master, and a submissive slave. Two different rooms side byside, different partner different kind of play. Simply switch over past thatwall. Thank you Virginia and Pea, for exploring BDSM with me. It was FUN!
Thank you for reading.

Side notes:
Zach is such an adorable big boy. Welcome!
Gave ‘warm regards’ to Ah Mong twice, andrealise we need time alone soon
Nina, you’re so lovely always.
Toki read the X rated part of newspapers. Sheknows her stuff.
Finally met the legendary Arthur. Nice to meet you!
Happy birthday to my ‘cousin’ Mac!
MC, a very good looking man.
Finally learnt how to play Rummikub.

As always, big shout out to Chris and James fororganizing.

images, info, inspired by Korean comic 「解禁男女」


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always first support

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小姚 replied at 9-4-2019 20:21

always first support

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Highly appreciate that you spend time for this English version.
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我好似睇緊小說咁 好detail好細緻
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阿喬 replied at 10-4-2019 01:33
Highly appreciate that you spend time for this English version.

Thanks ah kiu
Its my pleasure to help those who cant read chinese to understand us more
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Belle replied at 10-4-2019 19:59
我好似睇緊小說咁 好detail好細緻

Its the same as the chinese version, just the vocab are much better
With V its like a monologue, whereas with pea its like a comic
Glad you like it
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Virginia replied at 10-4-2019 20:16

I can roleplay an english speaking submissive next time, shall i?
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Daryl replied at 10-4-2019 21:21
你的小M底,好配合d圖片 ...

Thank you daryl
I enjoy writing. And translating what i wrote in chinese into english is quite easy for me so its not too time consuming
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占面 replied at 10-4-2019 21:45
Thank you daryl
I enjoy writing. And translating what i wrote in chinese into english is quite eas ...

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