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[Ocean Team] Sapphire's first time

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Reister NOW!! 馬上註冊,了解更多活動內容,享用更多功能,讓你輕鬆玩轉S&B。

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Edited by Sapphire at 15-1-2019 22:01

(This is an English version of my first time experience! I also have a Chinese version too)

First time of everything

Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once) has always been my motto in life.
I would hate to die in regrets, and not living my life to the fullest!

Each baby steps from register to joining the activity took so much courage out of me!
I gotta give myself a pat on the back!

For those of you who are still unsure...
"Great things happen when you start stepping out of your comfort zone"
That is the only reason why I am at where I am right now, being accepted to this amazing club,
and gaining one of the most exciting and juiciest experience of my life!

Register... for the first time
I've always been an online introvert, and have super little experience in meeting people online.
I picked the name Sapphire because of its mysterious feeling that gives out from the deep blue colour.
Not long after registration, I received a welcoming email from Chris.
It was like a little poke of encouragement from him.
At that moment, I still questioned myself whether I was ready for this...

Chris has the ability to break the ice so smoothly...
and before I even knew it, I already clicked the "SEND" button and submitted all my Forms and Photos.

Interview... for the first time
I was extremely nervous for the interview. All kinds of crazy and scary thoughts went through my head.
But his kindness and warm words calmed my mind instantly.

On my way to the location, I practiced my introduction so many times.
like "Hello I'm Sapphire and I'm blah blah blah"... But when I finally saw this tall, charming person, I honestly was a little struck.

He gave me a strong confident handshake... and oh god my body tingles a little.
(I love a man with big hands and nice strong arms because you know that they know how to handle things)

During our walk, he was so knowledgable and started teaching me things
and I just nodded and listened to him like he was my imaginary teacher (the sexy type who likes to talk 'nerdy' to you)

While I was being checked down there...
I mentioned that I added a suction toy to my Sex Toy collection... and Chris did not like the idea of this.
“This toy will ruin your sex life forever” said Chris.  
The only way to test out whether that little clit was recoverable was with Chris's motor tongue.

Before I could catch my breath, I announced to you that THIS SAPPHIRE IS VERY MUCH ALIVE!

Blindfolds... for the first time
Walking into the event with blindfolds on was an one of a kind experience.

When I entered the room, everyone was so kind. They introduced themselves to me, covered up my phone's camera, took me to my seat... etc

Fever, my mentor came and greeted me.
The image of his well-built body popped in my mind, because I remembered seeing and fantasising about the photos he uploaded.
I was so starstruck that I could not believe that it was happening!

Apparently it was his first time being a mentor as well, and honestly I was so honoured to be his mentee

We showered, got checked out, then the chairman asked whether I wanted to 'play' with my mentor.
There was not a single doubt, and I said YES OF COURSE.

Fever was really gentle to me, his lips glided along my body that gave me the tingles.
When his lips reached to my wet pussy, my body started to shake uncontrollably.
Before I knew it, I experienced my first orgasmic squirt and that feeling lingered for a very long time

Being blindfolded gave me an excuse to touch every inch of his body, and it was far better than the photos.
Every sexual positions we did showed how powerful and skilled Fever was.

I couldn't wait to remove my blind folds...
and when I did, he was everything I could ever ask for.. athletic, beautiful smile, tall, well built and handsome.
I must have done a lot of great deed to earn this.

Meeting everyone... for the first time
Everyone was so chilled, friendly, almost like a family!
I started to greet everyone but I was so nervous that I couldn't remember everyone's name.

As Fever was going through the rules and showed me the place, he asked who I wanted to meet next.
From a far distance... Real grabbed my attention.

Real was very real and solid at his skills.
It's almost like he knew exactly when I liked it rough, and when I wanted to be gentle.

Sitting inside the big Jacuzzi bath with Real was when I realised how tired I was,
but giving each other massages was the best thing to wrap the session up.

Threesome / Bondage... for the first time

While I was still catching my breath, Mustard came up to me and asked whether I have ever tried threesome or bondage.
I blushed instantly.

"I've always thought about it, but never actually did"... until now.

I entered the room, and saw 2 handsome men waiting for me. MAC & Mustard took me the to bed...
and before I knew it, my hands were tied up.

The feeling of submission turned me on so much. I more I was tied up, the more excited I was.

They were both beyond skilled, took me to a whole different level of sexual experience.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone at S&B who made my first time experience so perfect.

Thank you Chris & James for the encouragement, patience and acceptance

I can not wait to meet everyone in the future events

P.S. This raw Sapphire is still waiting for all of you to grind and polish me.
Hopefully one day I can become this bright sparkly gem.

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Edited by Mustard at 15-1-2019 23:51

I’m first one. Thanks and welcome again to be with us all. Everyone is happy to see you. Wish you would have more different sexual experience here in 2019~

I’m a guy that likes a lot...Tantric sex!! This level is not easy to reach
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Welcome to S&B again

Hope you have a amazing 2019^^
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Thank you for the English version! Welcome again
Post time 16-1-2019 12:11:29 | Show all posts
Hi sapphire! Welcome
And thanks for being thoughtful to the english speaking community here
Looking forward to see you soon
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Love this version! Especially my part.
A detail description about how you feel throughout the period.
It is a valuable feedback for me.
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占面 replied at 16-1-2019 12:11
Hi sapphire! Welcome
And thanks for being thoughtful to the english speaking community here
Looking ...

占仔! long time no see... you should be very very looking for it see you around
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Hello! good to read your feeling, many new ideas to me. Hope you are happy in 2019!
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hope we can meet and have some fun ;)
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Sounds like an amazing first time!
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Hey Sapphire, I'm a newbie! Just joined!

It's nice hearing from a girl's perspective and I hope one day I can have a similar first time like you

I'm totally with you in saying, get out of your comfort zone. See the world and explore all the wonderful things it has to offer (sometimes good and sometimes bad)!
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It's good to see that many people here are fluent in English! I myself am bilingual but wondering in this community most people are bilingual as well or most mainly converse in Chinese?
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KimChi replied at 10-8-2019 18:36
It's good to see that many people here are fluent in English! I myself am bilingual but wondering in ...

How's it going my rookie brother!

Welcome to the club. Feel free to post in 10G (Let's chat section)
That is the place where we like to chat. Feel free to drop a message or reply to someone, just join in the convo.

There are a lot of Chinese speaking members on this forum, but many are bilingual so feel free to jump in and meet the club!
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wow Sapphire I wonder what is that sex toy did you use it for this great party
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